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In the African nation of Mali, thousands of dogs are cruelly abused before being sold in open markets for humans to eat. The dog meat trade, most commonly associated with certain Asian countries, is one of the most horrific and stomach-churning animal welfare issues in the world and shockingly, this brutal and inhumane trade is thriving in many parts of Africa.

Thousands of dogs are slaughtered in the most horrific ways for human consumption. Some are crushed while still alive - others flattened like pancakes between wooden planks.


Every day, dogs are brutally slaughtered in markets for humans to eat. Some are TORTURED then COOKED ALIVE. We must stop this pain and suffering.

Please, donate generously today to help us stop it!

In Mali, dogs are subjected to the most terrible treatment by dog-eating people who believe that if a dog suffers before they are killed then the tortured creature's meat will taste sweeter. Dogs are crammed into small, hot, overcrowded spaces, and left without food or water, sometimes for days. They are then packed into trucks or herded in packs to markets where they are savagely butchered and sold for people to eat. Often, they are forced to wait their turn for execution while watching other dogs being hacked to death.

Can you imagine the abject terror experienced by these poor dogs - not to mention their pain? First, they are starved of food and water for several days. Then, they are cruelly either beaten to death by clubs or hammers or cooked alive. In some cases, they are slaughtered with blunt, rusted knives. No animal should ever have to suffer this way!


This must end NOW. Please help us end the slaughter by donating right now.
We have a plan to stop this despicable practice.

Network for Animals has been campaigning for 25 years against the cruel and shocking dog meat trade in Asia and has made considerable progress. We cannot ignore this same brutality currently unfolding for dogs in Africa.

We are working closely with our local partners on the ground, Araf Plateau Dogon, to offer an alternative to dog traders, by encouraging them to make the transition to cereal farming. The program is already underway and the feedback is positive.

In addition to this, we will increase our animal rescue initiatives by working with existing shelters in local areas. We will intercept, rescue, feed, treat and rehome as many dogs (and cats) as possible. Furthermore, we will urge governments to phase out this horrific practice and work with policymakers in favor of reform. We will also increase our public awareness campaigns locally, internationally and across our social media channels, and continue to educate local people about the proper care of animals.


But, these exercises are costly and resource-intensive, and we can only implement them with your help. We must raise the maximum amount possible to end the suffering of as many cats and dogs as possible.

If you join us, we promise not to stop fighting. We promise to do everything we can for the cats and dogs of Mali. Please, join us by donating now.

For the animals,


Brian and Gloria Davies (and Max and Flora!)
Network for Animals

P.S. Dog eating involves horrible cruelty and is also deadly dangerous to humans. Live markets pose a severe health risk and have been responsible for a variety of diseases, spreading to humans from animals. One of the most infamous diseases of all, COVID-19, is believed to originate in the live wet markets of Wuhan, China. By donating now you will be helping dogs and protecting the health of the planet.

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