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The tropical Indian Ocean island of Mauritius is a paradise for tourists but a nightmare for street animals. As you read these words, 67 dogs and 100 cats face eviction from the only home they have ever known, followed by death as the authorities ‘exterminate’ them as pests. We must help!

We have just two short months to save the dogs and cats by moving them to a new home!

Please donate NOW to help us with the urgent construction of a shelter and the challenge of moving all the animals.

In Mauritius, there are an estimated 350 000 dogs, on the tiny island and animal welfare is nowhere on the agenda - dogs and cats are left to fend for themselves.

To make it worse, most of the luxury hotels on the island view the dogs and cats as a nuisance and complain to the authorities about them. The Mauritian authorities care about money-bringing tourists - and care nothing for dogs and cats, so they periodically round up the animals and kill them.


Thank goodness for animal lovers like you!

Sameer ‘Sam’ Golam is a good-hearted man who runs the Second Chance Animal Rescue (SCAR). He and his small team of volunteers work tirelessly to help the dogs and cats.

Because there is no suitable animal shelter on the island, Sam has had no choice but to keep ALL the animals he rescues at his home. He currently cares for 167 animals and routinely feeds and treats hundreds more around the island.

Time is of the essence. Only two months remain before the unthinkable happens!
We must act IMMEDIATELY.

On top of this, Sam has just received the awful news that the animals must go because a neighbor has repeatedly complained to authorities about the noise they make.


All these animals were rescued from atrocious situations - they have nowhere to go. Back on the street, their lives would be at risk every minute. Moreover, there is ample evidence that, if they are caught, the way they are killed is barbaric - they are beaten or stabbed to death.

Sam is doing his absolute best to save the animals. He has secured a piece of land and secured planning permission to build a shelter, but he does not have the funds to move the animals or to build the shelter. We have promised to help - we must, because if we cannot raise the funds needed in time and move the animals somewhere safe, the unthinkable will happen: the municipality will step in and kill all the animals. We cannot, we will not, let this happen. Your donation can help prevent this from happening.

The deadline to build the shelter and move the animals to safety is January 20, 2022. Death is the alternative!


We have already rushed emergency funding to SCAR, but urgently need to raise more - the maximum amount possible. The money raised will be used to secure building materials, workers and moving costs, and of course to care for the dogs and cats. The next step is to create some shelters on the new land which will cost about $6,000 (£4,500).

We know that you care about the animals as much as we do. We know how much you worry about the innocent lives left to suffer without our help. This is our chance to ACT!


The lives of 167 helpless cats and dogs hang in the balance. The clock is ticking FAST. The faster we can raise the funds, the more prepared SCAR can be for the MOMENT of the eviction.

ONLY with your support right now, today, do we have a chance of helping fund the relocation and construction of the shelter, and the care of 167 animals with nowhere else to turn and no one else to care for them. The alternative doesn’t bear thinking about…

Please, donate whatever you can by clicking here now.

Together, you and NFA are the animals’ only hope of safety. They are counting on you. Will you help them?

For the animals,


Brian and Gloria Davies (and Max and Flora!)
Network for Animals

P.S. The animals currently living in Sam’s home are in UNPRECEDENTED DANGER, and we need to raise funds FAST to help them. Our long-term goal is to run spay and neuter programs to reduce the street animal population. But right now, our priority is the dogs and cats in immediate peril, and getting them to safety. Please, rush your donation today.

Credits: Image 1: PETA/The Daily Express & Image 4: SCAR

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