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Abused, unwanted and sickly dogs are constantly being dumped in the Balkan country of Montenegro. It is an everyday tragedy that nearly always ends in death for the poor creatures. They are run over by cars, die of the dreaded parvo disease, or from hunger or exposure to the bitter cold.

The remote, rural area around Strasevina is a hotspot for this barbaric dumping because a main road runs through it from the nearest town of Nikšić. It’s easy to open a car door, toss a dog out and leave it to its fate.

Zeljana Delibasic is a poor farmer whose steep hillside property adjoins the road. She says that at least once every two weeks, a discarded animal will climb the hill to the farmhouse. Often, they are shaking with fear or hysterical from being abandoned - sometimes they are visibly sick or injured. She never turns away a single dog or cat.

Abandoned once, they depend on one woman's help!

Please, will you help the dogs (and cats)?


Help us to take action by donating today!

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Zeljana now cares for 33 dogs and a colony of feral cats who come and go as they please, knowing there will always be a scrap of food and some love for them at the farm. Zeljana is poor, surviving on what little the farm produces. She has three children and supports her elderly mother-in-law. There is no running water on the farm, so she draws water from a well and hand-carries water to the dogs. Feeding and caring for the dogs takes every spare cent she has, but Zeljana is an animal lover like us, and she knows if she turns her back on the dogs, they will die.

Heartbreakingly, these dogs once had families; warm homes.
Their chance of survival on the streets? Almost ZERO!

The area does not have a municipal shelter, which means the farm is the only hope the dogs have. These once-owned animals,  if left to fend for themselves - will die horrible, lonely, painful deaths.

Zeljana says that, as these animals were once all pets, to put them in cages would be too cruel to contemplate. On her farm, the dogs run free, visibly happy and adoring of their savior.


Zeljana has a heart so big, it has room for every dog (and cat) in the world. Alas, her purse is much smaller - and 33 dogs eat a lot of food. To make life even more expensive, new arrivals often need expensive veterinary care before joining the existing rescues.

Network for Animals has helped Zeljana’s dogs in the past, providing food and emergency medical treatment. With your help, we would like to do even more for the dogs.

Help us to take action by donating today!

Donate today

You should know that these are dogs who love humans. They’ve had it rough - being abandoned and chucked away like garbage - but they are affectionate, tail-wagging dogs who crave and have so much love to give. Zeljana is their savior, and they adore her.

We have a plan to help the dogs…
and with your little act of kindness, we can put it into action!


Zeljana is at her wits’ end. How is she going to get the dogs through winter until spring? In the area where she lives, winter means terrible weather: freezing cold, and rain or snow for months on end.

We can’t turn our backs on beautiful souls who have been so badly treated, and we have a plan to help them. Step one is to ensure the dogs have enough food to get them through winter. Step two is to provide kennels to protect them from the worst of the weather, and step three is to arrange fencing so that the dogs do not wander away from the farm and potentially get killed.

It’s a lot of work, but if we can raise $7,500 (£5,500), we can get it done in time. Even a small donation will make a difference towards providing comfort for the dogs through winter and save goodness knows how many doggy lives.


Please donate today as a little act of kindness, and we promise that we will provide dog kennels and make sure that regular dog food deliveries are made to the farm. If you can find it in your heart to donate today, this winter will not be a bitter one for 33 dogs and several cats - no matter how awful the weather might get.

For the animals,


Brian and Gloria Davies (and Max and Flora!)
Network for Animals

PS: Don’t forget that cats also need help. Two weeks before our team visited the animals, Zeljana heard plaintive mewing from the steep hillside leading to the road. She searched and found a kitten so weak it had given up trying to reach the top of the hill and the safety of the farm. It lay there bedraggled, thin and ready to die. Not on Zeljana’s watch! She rescued the kitten, which is now part of the family - another innocent, helpless life saved. Please help us save many, many more animal lives by donating generously today.

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