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We hope you will consider our invitation to join a special group of Network for Animals supporters. Called the Emergency Rescue Team, it’s made up of caring people - just like you - who donate a small amount each month to save the lives of abused and abandoned animals and end animal cruelty.


You’ve shown such friendship and support for NFA already. Without you, we never could have come this far, and we will always be grateful for your help. In fact, your love for animals is why we wanted you to receive this special invitation now.

When we receive a desperate call for help…
we often struggle.

When an animal is neglected and abused, we can’t just tell them to wait while we raise funds - or hold back from larger rescues like in the tragic war in Ukraine, where terrified, injured animals are alone in the crossfire and their lives are on the line.


Can you imagine the price they would pay? EVERY second counts!

That’s why monthly Emergency Rescue Team supporters are SO important, AND why we hope you’ll join now by setting up your own monthly gift today.

Become a member of our Emergency Rescue Team and your monthly support will help provide a predictable, reliable stream of funds that is VITAL to ensuring NFA can always respond to emergencies - and rush to the assistance of animals in need.


It’s easy to join and extremely cost-effective. You simply authorize NFA to make a small automatic monthly deduction from your credit card account. You set the amount of your monthly donation - whether $5 (£4), $10 (£9), or even $15 (£13) monthly or more, by clicking here. We then deduct that amount each month, while you retain complete control: you can cancel or change your monthly donation at any time.

Help us to take action by donating today!

Donate today

That’s how easy it is. But for NFA - and animals in desperate need - your steady, reliable generosity each month is a lifeline. By eliminating check processing costs and with a steady and dependable flow of income, we can focus more time and dedicate more resources to saving animals’ lives and protecting them from exploitation, cruelty, and abuse.


Try our Emergency Rescue Team for just a few months. That’s all we ask. Any amount will be a tremendous help. The animals really need you. Again…

  • You can (of course!) cancel or change the amount of your donation at any time.
  • Your donations will get to work faster for the animals - with no postal delays.
  • Every contribution gets recorded on your credit card statement, so you always have a record.
  • You’ll save time, postage, and checks - if you use them.
  • NFA will have a source of predictable funds to plan ahead, budget for urgent campaigns and respond quickly to animal emergencies and rescue situations.
  • We won’t send you “free” gifts for joining like some others do - they aren’t really “free” in any case. Instead, we pledge to use EVERY dollar  or pound you entrust to us as wisely as possible: to save more animals’ lives and end animal cruelty!
  • We will still send you letters to keep you up to date on our work, and your impact

Of course, if you choose not to join or are unable to at this time, even on a temporary basis, we sincerely appreciate every donation you make, however large or small, whenever you make it. But every day we wait for a check to arrive in the mail, and every day we spend processing them, is the day your donation could have already been working to save a life.

So please, give our invitation your most serious consideration. You have our promise that we will never let you or the animals down.


For the animals,


Brian and Gloria Davies (and Max and Flora!)
Network for Animals

P.S. We know some organizations offer you “free” gifts for becoming a monthly donor, from t-shirts to coffee mugs. The truth is the cost to produce and mail such items comes straight out of donations. But when you join NFA’s Emergency Rescue Team, we put every dollar or pound of your monthly support to the wisest use possible: to save more animals’ lives and end animal cruelty! At NFA, we believe that saving a forgotten animal is the greatest monthly giving benefit of all. If you feel the same, please join our Emergency Rescue Team today.

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