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Every day the APA El Refugio dog shelter in Uruguay deals with careless, casual and heartless cruelty. As our video shows, almost every night people throw their unwanted pets over the shelter fence and run away. In 2018, 143 were dumped, 43 did not survive.

We support El Refugio, a lonely beacon of hope for street dogs and puppies in the city of Montevideo, but the situation is getting worse.

In January alone 42 puppies were tossed over the shelter fence like trash. 23 died.

With the support of animal lovers like you, we must save the puppies of Uruguay. Puppies like Toro, a survivor from a tossed-away litter of five. Toro is loving and gentle, but without our help he and hundreds of other puppies would die this year.

APA El Refugio is run by selfless, unpaid volunteers who are kindness personified. No puppy is turned away. 500 dogs now call the shelter home.

Incredibly, the shelter gets absolutely no help from authorities.

No food. No medicines. No money.

El Refugio is Montevideo’s only shelter and without it every one of the 500 dogs would die.

We need you to help puppies like Toro and all the other sweet dogs at El Refugio. Please, if you possibly can give generously to Network for Animals today.

For the animals,


Brian and Gloria Davies (and Max and Flora!)
Founder and CEO

P.S. A piece of good news. Last year we met Pelusa a young, crippled German Shepherd. We promised to help and here she is with her new wheelchair. She’s a champion ball chaser. Helping Pelusa, Toro and others is so important. Please donate today to help keep them alive.

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