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This week, we’ve shared with you an absolutely sickening story about dogs being brutally tortured and killed in Palestine – at the encouragement of the mayor of Hebron!

We have been urgently raising funds to get the dogs off the streets and out of the hands of their torturers, but we are nowhere near our goal. It is CRITICAL that we save these poor creatures from horrific torture and murder, and only your support right now can help us do it. Please, donate right away.

Here’s what happened…

Recently, the mayor of the Palestinian West Bank city of Hebron publicly announced that any local person who catches and kills stray dogs would receive a cash reward from the municipality of $5.50 (£4.60) per dog slaughtered.

This barbarism was his ‘solution’ to the city’s overpopulation of street dogs!

Palestinian residents soon took to the streets, brutally torturing, shooting and killing dozens of helpless dogs. Many people in the region view dogs as vermin, and these poor animals are routinely - and brutally - killed. This disgraceful act can only be described as a ‘murder massacre’!

A MURDER SPREE of street dogs for cash ensued - dogs shot, hung, abused and run over by cars. THEN, the killers gloatingly shared horrific footage of the massacre on social media.

We MUST help the poor dogs!

Help us to take action by donating today!

Donate today

Our partner on the ground, the Animal and Environment Association (AEA), is the only registered shelter in Bethlehem and the West Bank. Together, we are fighting to put a stop to these brutal acts. After an outcry from animal lovers, the mayor said he will submit a statement “suspending” the bounty. In the meantime, people are still killing street dogs. We were told that the killers consider it fun!

We MUST get these animals off the street and to safety before they are brutally killed!


The sad reality is that the existing shelter can only hold 50 dogs, is too small, and is not equipped to care for the dozens of tragic cases that AEA receives monthly. The only solution is to move the shelter to a more suitable location and begin construction.

We MUST provide a bigger safe space where these dogs can be cared for and treated - they deserve it, especially after all their trauma. We NEED your help to make this a reality - and FAST!

Please, help us raise as much as possible to establish the new shelter, provide veterinary care to the injured and sick, and implement regular spay and neuter programs.

Help us to take action by donating today!

Donate today

The time for serious action is NOW! We urgently need your help. Please donate what you can today. Whatever you send enables us to help save the dogs of Palestine.

If we can raise the money, AEA can save so many dogs from this killing zone and give them a place of shelter and care. We and AEA are working hard to persuade Palestinian authorities to change animal welfare laws and initiate mass spay and neuter programs to prevent more dogs from being born into a life of suffering.


Help us to take action by donating today!

Donate today

Your donation today can help prevent a puppy from being strangled to death, or a helpless mother dog from being beaten senseless while her puppies watch helplessly. We MUST do everything we can to get these animals out of harm’s way - so please, donate right away for these terrified victims of human brutality.

For the animals,


Brian and Gloria Davies (and Max and Flora!)
Network for Animals

P.S. Life for the thousands of street dogs in Palestine is unimaginably tough and full of suffering. For these animals, the streets are like a war zone where every day could be their last. Please donate generously today so that together, we can build a safe haven and vet clinic for street dogs who deserve to know a life filled with dignity, love and care.

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