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When we learned why this little girl was crying, we KNEW we had to ask you for your help.

This sweet, precious child is one of the traumatized victims of the appalling dog and cat meat industry - the side that you never, ever see.

Since the image went viral on the internet, we’ve tried unsuccessfully, to track down the photographer. Still, we must share the story behind the photo, as it was told to us. We couldn’t wait…

…because for countless dogs and the people who love them as deeply as you and I do - for THESE lives, the situation is as REAL... as UGLY... as URGENT... as it gets.

We’ve seen it countless times in the Philippines. (Our staff has seen it in Thailand, South Korea, China and Vietnam.) We’ve labored for years to shut down traders, factories and markets - and bring dog killers to justice. We’ve stretched limited resources to help with education and outreach, supporting an emerging cultural shift away from the consumption of dog and cat flesh, and the evil stench that hangs over it.

We need your help now to fund our urgent and ongoing fight to END the kidnapping (all too often) and ghastly murder of dogs and cats for the profit from their meat.

Before you read one more word of the little girl’s story, before more victims suffer, PLEASE, DONATE NOW!

She called her dog Flower.

For three years, the little girl and her playful companion seldom left each other’s sides, roaming the village like the ones where, with your steadfast support, NFA works tirelessly to fight cruelty in Thailand and the Philippines.

But one day, Flower vanished from their small yard. The family called and called until it seemed their voices would give out.

Days passed. Still, there was no sign of Flower. Not even her collar was left behind.

Life had to go on...

The photo below isn’t Flower. But it’s how we want you to remember her. Her loving eyes. Her silken fur. Remember her this way, please.


Because the day the family went to market in a neighboring village is the LAST DAY that happy image of Flower lived in the little girl’s mind, and another took its place.

We’ll get back to Flower’s story moment. But first, know this.

The illegal dog meat industry is beyond almost any horror you could imagine.

Dogs, many of them terrified stolen pets, are packed into stifling cages for transport to hidden slaughterhouses. They are butchered in barbaric conditions, then their fur is burned off.

Please donate now - any amount you can spare will SAVE LIVES. Stand up for innocent animals by helping NFA expose and shut down back-alley dog slaughter operations and END the trade forever.

This terrible suffering MUST stop!

At the bottom of this email, we’ve included a link to the rest of the image at the top of this email. It is graphic: ONLY click the link to view it if you are able.

But we hope you will be brave if you can. Like the little girl.

Because when hit with the grisly gut-punch of the truth in the market, she didn’t look away. She RAN to the side of her fallen Flower.

In the image, you’ll see that one of the little girl’s feet is bare, her pretty pink shoe lost in her sprint towards the unthinkable. Towards her Flower, now lifeless. Gone forever.

You’ll see how one small hand is pressed to her heart, to keep it from breaking in two. The other hand rests tenderly on the back of her companion, where roasted flesh replaces silken fur...

You’ll SEE the anguish in her tear-stained eyes. She is asking why. WHY?! Why would anyone do such a terrible thing? We write to you today, for her.

For Flower. And for every Flower still out there, who needs your help and ours to put an END to the agony of the dog-meat trade. Please, please: donate now.

Don’t let Flower’s story fade into obscurity. Don’t let this brutal, black-market butchery go on. Help us continue to bust the dog killers and bring them to justice. Lock arms with us today and say, NO MORE!

Donate whatever you can, as generously as you can, today if you can.

Thank you so much for your courage, for your fighting spirit, and for your love.

For the animals,


Brian and Gloria Davies (and Max and Flora!)
Network for Animals

P.S. WARNING: Please remember this link will take you to the graphic image of Flower, after slaughter, at the market. So, ONLY click this link to view if you feel able! It is the very same scene witnessed by Flower’s beloved little girl, barely five years old - the image of what so many dogs will go through if we don’t continue our fight to shut down the gruesome dog meat trade! We can’t do it without you. Keep Flower’s memory alive. Please donate now.

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