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Life on the streets was agony. Constant thirst and hunger. Wounds infected and hurting.

Still, somehow, Jose and Pedro became friends.

Like some street dogs do, they were always seen together, always caring for one another.

You’d know from his cloudy eyes that Jose was old. And nearly blind. So, Pedro, the young pup who could hold his own against the other cast-off animals, became his best friend’s eyes.

But he was no match for the ruthless meat trader that slit Jose’s throat then hurled Pedro, dazed and bloody from a beating to subdue him, on top of his friend in the back of a truck.

It gets worse...


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The meat trader dismembered Jose. He made Pedro and all the other dogs watch! Then the rough, gore-slick hands grabbed for Pedro…

URGENT: amidst Covid-19, dog meat traders are pulling out ALL stops to evade capture,and keep killing. PLEASE rush your donation now to help us bring them to justice!

Old Jose. Brave, faithful Pedro. Their last chance at life. SIXTY-EIGHT times that blade’s cruel hack would cry murder in the Philippines.  SIXTY-EIGHT dogs, gone. We need your help now to END this torture!

The dog meat trade has NO place on this Earth.

The traders are wily, and monitoring and surveillance always comes at a cost.

But to apprehend and prosecute these merciless criminals, to end the slaughter of friends like Jose and Pedro, we know you believe, like we do, that it’s worth it.

Would you believe that just TWO despicable traders were responsible for those 68 senseless murders? It took seven long years to catch and prosecute the Medina brothers, but we did it!


Help us to take action by donating today!

Donate today

AND they were convicted – heavily fined and sentenced to four years in prison!

It was for dogs like Jose... for Pedro... and with your support, we were able to keep the dog raids and surveillance funded - we REFUSED to give up.

Today, the murderous reign of the Medina Brothers has ended. YOU made it happen!!!

But we have several active cases still open.

All we can think is, if two brothers can brutally claim 68 innocent lives, what will happen to the dogs still out there if our work has to pause for lack of funding?

Jose and Pedro are dead. But you can ensure their battle is NOT over! Please don’t let more lives end in horror and agony. Donate as generously as you possibly can, today if you can.

We know you have your own right now during the pandemic, so please remember how grateful we are to have your fighting spirit beside us for the animals who face egregious cruelty every day.

No life could be saved without your support!

For the animals,


Brian and Gloria Davies (and Max and Flora!)
Founders Network for Animals

P.S. Every time we return from a raid, we study the photos. It’s vital evidence to build a case against brutal traders like the Medina brothers, who without your support for NFA, would never know the hand of justice. Despite the abject horror of an image of dead and dying dogs piled in the back of a truck, despite the fact that like most street dogs, no one ever bothered to give “Jose” and “Pedro” names until now, THIS TRAGEDY is what we fight and will continue to fight to end forever!

We fight for that little old dog with the soft, spotted tummy and the cloudy eyes. We fight for the brave white pup with the furry black “bow-tie” shape on his chest, nestled alongside – a protective paw touching his friend... and we fight for YOU. For Jose... for Pedro... PLEASE, please, donate whatever you can now to keep our work alive to end the dog meat trade once and for all. No dog should face what they did!

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