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Because you have been such a friend to forsaken, castoff animals, we are emailing you about a situation that simply cannot wait.

Street dogs and cats in the Philippines are starving and they URGENTLY need your help and love at this very moment. Whatever you can find in your heart to give, please donate now.

What pandemic restrictions are doing to these sweet friends is SHOCKING! Ribs protruding, mucus in their eyes, skin hanging from bony bodies... Their food sources are vanishing fast. They will starve to DEATH without help!


Help us to take action by donating today!

Donate today

BE AN URGENT LIFELINE TO STRAY, STARVING ANIMALS in the Philippines with your donation in any amount you can afford. Your generosity will help rush vital resources for their food and care!

It hurts even to describe how bad things are getting...

As COVID restrictions continue in virtually every facet of daily life in the Philippines, street animals are growing increasingly desperate.

Restaurants don’t have nearly the amount of food waste they once did. More people are staying home, and the financial pressure this causes on restaurants could drive some of them to the cruelty of the horrific dog and cat meat trade.

So many dogs and cats are hurting in the streets of the Philippines that in a recent single feeding session with our friends from Love and Hope for Stray Animals (LHFSA), we were able to feed more than 200 grateful, hungry strays. They gobbled up every ounce of food we brought!


Help us to take action by donating today!

Donate today

Hasn’t COVID taken enough? We just couldn’t bear it if these animals now starve because of the pandemic. PLEASE will you stand, and stay, by their sides now?

Rush your donation for emergency food now so that starving street animals in the Philippines can survive the pandemic. They have only us to depend on!

As we set food down in the streets, there was a hungry, topaz-eyed mama dog who lifted her head as if to say: “Thank you, friend. Thank you. Thank you for caring about me...”

Your donation now will help us continue to try to make contact with her - and her pups, if they’re still alive. And help fund spay/neuter clinics as often as we’re able to - there were so many pregnant kitties on our last trip out!

Please don’t let the pandemic take one more thing from these suffering friends.

Give now, anything you possibly can, and help the stray dogs and cats of the Philippines to keep from starving during the corona crisis. They need you now - more than ever!

Without you, this work would not be possible. We’re grateful every day for your love for animals and your fighting spirit. Thank you for donating if you can.

For the animals,


Brian and Gloria Davies (and Max and Flora!)
Founders Network for Animals

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