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We are writing today to tell you about a unique Network for Animals’ welfare project in Africa.

Perhaps the greatest hope for the survival of wild elephants lies with those who live in South Africa’s Addo National Park. Addo is far from poaching routes and elephants there are protected with state-of-the-art security.

Unfortunately, because all the elephants with big tusks were hunted out more than 150 years ago, Addo’s elephants are now born with either very small tusks, or none at all.


We need your help.

We are preparing to relocate two big tuskers from poaching areas to Addo, where they will breed with tuskless elephants, and reintroduce the tusk gene into the Addo herds. This is going to make the next generation of elephants happy and whole again.

We have to move the giant tuskers 1,000 miles by road, while carefully monitoring them to ensure their well-being. A top game-capture team will drive the elephants to their new homes and a team of vets will be with them every step of the way.

We’ve already identified some beautiful tuskers for the move; you can see their pictures in this email. The game-capture team is already planning the move, which will happen next month.

This is a costly project, which is why we really need your help. But, it is so worthwhile - together we can do something that we will remember all our lives: we helped give elephants back their tusks. That’s something to be proud of and your donation will help make it possible.

Elephants need tusks. They use them for gathering food and as formidable weapons against predators, and they protect the sensitive trunk, which is tucked between the tusks when an elephant charges. Tusks also help attract the interest of females. That’s the way it should be for elephants and it is a tragedy that the tusk gene was lost.

All too often in our work we come across situations where there seems to be almost no hope for animals. Here is a chance for us to solve a problem and improve the lives of animals for generations to come.

We are going to make elephants very happy!
Please give generously today.

For the animals,


Brian and Gloria Davies (and Max and Flora!)
Founder and CEO

P.S. The big tuskers chosen to make the journey will be in elephant heaven, safe from poachers, with huge areas to roam and the prospect of creating an elephant dynasty, all thanks to animal lovers like you. Please, donate today to help this wonderful project.

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