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We are sure you remember our crusade against the horrific trade in baby elephants from Zimbabwe to Chinese zoos.

Network for Animals has been a leader, fighting the trade for four years and, each year, our outrage grows at the terrible cruelty Zimbabwe authorities inflict on helpless baby elephants.

Well, it just got even worse!
Baby elephants desperately need your help today!
Zimbabwe Baby Elephants
We have uncovered VIDEO PROOF that Zimbabwe is capturing more baby elephants to export to Chinese zoos and elsewhere, even though it already has kept 35 babies penned up for months.

At first the authorities denied that any babies had been captured, then they admitted that the babies were going to be sent to one of China’s more than 15,000 zoos (Yes, FIFTEEN THOUSAND!) in March. That didn’t happen because Zimbabwe has not been paid, the elephants are still being held at Hwange National Park where they face a terrible future.

This situation is repulsive – each day that passes makes it more difficult to return the babies to the wild, yet the alternative is even worse; lives of hell in Chinese zoos.

We need to act now because we have learned Zimbabwe is planning to capture another 20 babies for export to China and elsewhere.

Our undercover team penetrated tight security in the Hwange National Park…

Zimbabwe baby elephants in China show signs of abuse

These babies are destined for Pakistan and are being held separately from the 35 babies previously caught and which are displaying increasingly aggressive behavior. Zimbabwe is treating these poor creatures as if they are mere objects without feelings or needs!

We have seldom seen such state-sponsored cruelty in the face of the certain knowledge provided by scientists that separating baby elephants from their mothers is the worst kind of cruelty for elephant families.

Zimbabwe is destroying the lives of baby elephants for one reason – money without any thought of morality.

It’s madness and it must be stopped! Please help us in our fight to have an INTERNATIONAL BAN on the trade in elephants by signing our petition today and very importantly, by donating to Network for Animals so we can continue our work to expose this evil trade.

For the animals,


Brian and Gloria Davies (and Max and Flora!)
Founder and CEO

P.S. In Zimbabwe, Network for Animals is supporting local groups which are seeking to stop the export of baby elephants to China. Please enable our continued support on the ground and for an international ban by donating as generously as you can today. For these baby elephants TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE!

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