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How could anyone leave an old, sick dog behind to STARVE AND DIE, alone?!

Imagine it...

They just stop. They walk around you. They act as if you’re not even there at all.

One day, they’re gone for good.
How your little heart aches with loneliness!


You try to hope. The light in your eyes gets dimmer. You long for the sound of a kind voice... or familiar footsteps. After a while, you can’t hold on. So, you just lay down to die.

THIS is the heartbreaking condition that Sashimi was in when a kind neighborhood garbage collector found her!

He couldn’t afford even one more mouth to feed in his family. But he scooped her into his arms and promised Sashimi that he would do WHATEVER he could to help her

Today, we are asking you to do whatever YOU can too.

Sashimi was brought to the small but spotless rescue center of our NFA partner organization in the Philippines. She is SO frail from her horrific ordeal and she badly needs your support.

Please rush your generous life-saving gift now to help provide for her medical needs, nutritious food to rebuild her strength, expert veterinary care, and rescue center supplies.

Our local veterinarian, who is so dedicated and kind to animals, says Sashimi is extremely malnourished from lack of food. See how her ribs jut out from her soft little sides!

She also has untreated liver problems. It’s left her stomach so full of fluids that even her bone-thin legs are bloated and swelling, and she struggles to breathe. The poor thing!

Sashimi is really sick, and she won’t heal overnight. There will be extra expenses to make her better again. But we can’t just up and leave her to die, and we know you can’t either.

PLEASE, will you show Sashimi the love she never had, and give now to keep her safe and happy and on the road to health, for as long as she has left?

Your loving donation in any amount you can afford now will go such a long way towards food and medical care for this sweet soul. You and NFA are the only friends she has in this world.

It is NOT a crime to be an old dog... or a sick dog. Please, help give Sashimi a new lease on life.

Thank you so much for caring.

For the animals,


Brian and Gloria Davies (and Max and Flora!)
Network for Animals

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