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Imagine your surprise if you returned home one night in the pouring rain, to find a shivering stray dog taking shelter on a pillow in your garage.

A massive collar hangs off her tiny neck... someone either tossed her out like garbage or, somehow, she escaped.

Carefully, you inch closer to see the terrified shape before you.

Then, your hand flies to your mouth.

You gasp!

Crusty, oozing scabs and cracked skin seem to cover her bony body where hair should be. Her little copper colored eyes peer back at you in the darkness, and you know she needs help – FAST!

It’s not every day that animal lovers like you get to make a place in your heart for a special little dog like Wilma. But today we ask if you will.

Your kind donation of any size today will help fund her urgent care – and the rescue, care, and future adoption of other dogs like her through Network for Animals.

The woman who found Wilma that night in her garage in the Philippines called NFA immediately. But, as thin and ravaged as she was, Wilma darted away...

Hoping the precious pup would be nearby the next day, we vowed to return. She was there. This time, we saved her! We carefully carried her crate to the car and off she went to the vet.

We now know Wilma is suffering from a terrible case of mange. It is so sad to think how someone must have watched and done NOTHING as tiny mange mites devoured her helpless little body day after agonizing day.

But today, you have a chance to do something for Wilma after all she has suffered.

Your donation now will help fund her urgent care, and when she’s ready, help her find a forever-family to love. Please give whatever feels generous to you, right now if you can.

Whether it’s an animal in danger from the illegal dog meat trade, or an innocent stray life in the balance like Wilma’s, NFA will NEVER look the other way – and it’s only with your kind and continued support that we can.

Please donate to ease Wilma’s pain today. She has clearly suffered for so long, and she really needs a friend like you.

Thank you, today and always, for whatever you can donate to help.

For the animals,


Brian and Gloria Davies (and Max and Flora!)
Network for Animals

P.S. As a faithful friend to NFA, you may remember how not long ago we wrote to you about another stray soul in the Philippines called Wilma the kitten. Although she was too weak and lost her fight for life, she instinctively seemed to know to find us that first day. Wilma the dog seemed to know she could reach us too by taking shelter in the garage of the home of a caring human.

Homeless animals take such a chance every day, hoping for healing and kindness. And for every one of them like Wilma that NFA can reach when you donate for their urgent rescue and care today, We promise they will know the light of your love and compassion. Thank you for whatever you can give. We’ll update you as soon as we know more!

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