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Our hearts break at what we must tell you about today - we would be so grateful if you could help save these precious lives…

Beautiful wild horses are being forced by drug smugglers to ferry cocaine, heroin and diamonds across the Orange River border between Namibia and South Africa and are dying hideous deaths because of it.

The wild horses are captured, forced to swallow packets of cocaine, heroin and other drugs and then sent on a forced march into the desert and across the 500 hundred-meter-wide (546 yards) river - more than five American football fields wide! Sometimes the packets of drugs burst inside a horse and the poor creature dies in agony.

Criminals slit open horses’ stomachs to retrieve smuggled drugs.


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We were told about three starving horses used for drug and diamond smuggling. Working with our partner Have a Heart Equine Sanctuary (HAHES) and collaborating with Namakwa Dierewelsyn - a small local organization - our team found them on an island in the middle of the river along with two horses that had recently died.

We named the trio Fabio, Carla, and Carla’s little foal Naughty because he was a mischievous teenager who liked to nibble on fingers! The team patiently coaxed the horses over the river and towards the horse carriers to be transported to safety.


Because of African horse sickness (AHS), the horses must be quarantined. Our challenge now is transporting them to HAHES urgently where they can be properly fed, provided vital supplements, and nursed back to full health.


Brian and Gloria Davies (and Max and Flora!)
Founders Network for Animals

P.S. These three horses were the lucky ones. The drug lords are merciless - they don’t care how many horses they kill to satisfy their evil greed. We have to rescue as many horses as we can and we have to work with the authorities to properly enforce animal welfare laws. Many more need us! Rehabilitating horses is a monumental task – expensive and time-consuming – but with your support, we will give these three horses, and their friends who were left behind, the lifeline they deserve and work ever harder to save others. Please donate today!

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