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In Calvinia, a hardscrabble, poverty-stricken town in South Africa, hundreds of neglected dogs face starvation, disease and barbaric cruelty every day.


Many of the dogs are little more than skin and bones, and on top of constant starvation, they endure agonizing diseases like mange and tick bite fever, and brutal injuries from dog fighting and abuse.


Most local people do not understand that animals are sentient beings deserving of compassion. They abandon them to lives of misery. 

Dogs in Calvinia are deliberately run over by speeding cars, stabbed by thugs, and chained to poles so tightly that the metal shackles rip through their flesh. Our partner is confronted with horrors like these every week. For example, what happened to Boelie and Tiger displays vicious cruelty.

Boelie and Tiger were each stabbed 10 times in a gruesome attack. Tragically, Tiger succumbed to his injuries within minutes – but with our help, Boelie was rushed for life-saving veterinary care and miraculously survived.

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Pictured above, Boelie, before and after her stab wounds healed.

The local authorities often overlook animal welfare issues, but our team would not let this criminal get away with such cruelty. Thanks to our urgent intervention, the suspect who stabbed the dogs is now behind bars.

Without your help, brutal attacks like this might go unpunished and the victims untreated. We need YOUR support!

Every week, our team ventures into impoverished townships to feed over 200 dogs and rush those in the worst condition for life-saving emergency treatment. We also help sterilize as many dogs and cats as possible to reduce the number of animals born into such heartbreaking conditions.


But the need is growing. The pleas for pet food get more ardent every week, and incidents like stabbings and road rampages are on the rise. Facing climbing food bills and an increase of emergency cases demanding immediate vet care, our team is struggling to cope.

We urgently need to funnel funds to the region to continue delivering food for hundreds of hungry dogs, while covering the cost of emergency veterinary care for victims of savage animal cruelty.

If we can raise $10,000 (around £8,000), we can provide food for the next six months and help cover emergency veterinary costs for life-threatening cases that cannot wait!

Image5_credit_NFA_Byron Seale

Credit: NFA/Byron Seale

These animals have no one to turn to but us. 

Your generosity today could be the difference between life and death for dogs in Calvinia. Please donate as much as you possibly can to Network for Animals today and help us be a lifeline for more than 200 suffering dogs! 

For the animals,

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P.S. 200 dogs in Calvinia, South Africa, are counting on YOU! Their suffering is unbearable, but with your donation today, we can rush them crucial food and life-saving veterinary care. Please be a hero for these desperate animals by donating right now.

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