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When you think of lions - Simba from The Lion King might come to mind - a magnificent creature living free in the wild...

Another victim of canned lion hunting Another victim of canned lion hunting

In South Africa, these majestic creatures are bred in captivity and then drugged and paraded for ‘trophy hunters’ to shoot from parked vehicles.

It’s sickening cruelty – the dazed lions are shot for FUN!

There are about 200 places in South Africa that breed lions in captivity for canned lion hunting. As many as 6,000 lions are ‘stockpiled’ for hunters. When a lioness gives birth, her cubs are taken from her and used for tourists to pet and pose with them in photographs.

When a lion gets bigger and harder to handle, it is moved to an enclosed area and there it stays until someone pays to shoot it.

They call it canned lion hunting because poor lions are literally served up on a plate for hunters. The lions can’t run, hide or defend themselves in any way.

The lions are frequently drugged to make it easier for hunters, who often shoot the poor creature, while they sit inside a nearby vehicle. Often it takes several shots before the animal dies.

In neighboring Zimbabwe, a lion called Cecil was shot with a bow and arrow and suffered for 12 hours before dying!

It’s that horrible, that stark, that cruel. We need your help to stop it.

We want your help to fight this cruelty and have it outlawed. It’s an uphill battle because the canned lion industry is wealthy and so far, the South African government is ignoring the cruelty. We have to lobby government; we have to raise public awareness and we have to support other groups.

Please, if you possibly can, make a donation to Network for Animals today so that we can make canned lion hunting illegal.

Every day this horror is allowed to continue means more dead lions at a time when the population is dropping throughout Africa. There used to be 200,000 lions in Africa, now there are around 25,000. Please, please help us fight the evil business that destroys their dignity and then them.

For the animals,


Brian and Gloria Davies (and Max and Flora!)
Founder and CEO

P.S. As you read this, somewhere in South Africa, a dazed, drugged lion is about to be riddled with bullets by trophy hunters who care nothing for the pain and suffering they cause. Please stand with us and fight against this sickening cruelty by donating right now so that we can take this fight to the highest levels of the South African government. Lions need you!

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