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Freedom Park in South Africa is an impoverished, gang-infested NIGHTMARE FOR ANIMALS. Here, dogs and cats are routinely neglected and often viciously abused. They live surrounded by callous thugs who intentionally harm them just because they can. We have seen dogs burned with acid, brutally beaten, kicked almost to death, and starved to “teach them a lesson.”

We work in areas like these because few other organizations do, and the needs of animals are often greatest in places like this. We also know these are really dangerous areas.


We found out just HOW DANGEROUS on a routine visit to the community to treat and feed animals when <mark>I was ATTACKED while rescuing an injured mother dog and her puppies!</mark>

A resident had alerted us to an alarming situation - a mother dog and her pups were being neglected and possibly abused. Mommy dog had a badly injured leg.


Together with our partner Fallen Angels, we sprang into action and raced off to rescue the mother dog, now named “Trouble”, and her pups. But once we reached the tiny, miserable concrete enclosure where Trouble and her babies were being kept, the situation quickly escalated.

While the owner’s son was happy for us to take the animals to treat them, his mother became enraged. Remaining calm but acting fast and decisively, we managed to remove Trouble and her pups to get them to safety.

That’s when our luck turned…


As we prepared to leave, <mark>a man attacked me with a brick,
trying to hit me on the head with it.</mark>

It was a very close call for me, but I am relieved to say that I escaped unscathed, and Trouble and her pups all made it to a veterinary clinic. The poor creatures all need URGENT medical care.

Trouble has a torn knee ligament and needs surgery. She will be cared for by specialists for the next two months, and with your help, we will give her the treatment and care she deserves.

Help us to take action by donating today!

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Trouble’s puppies are all sick; they will be treated and loved, and once they are healthy, put up for adoption into homes carefully vetted by Fallen Angels.


Fallen Angels does amazing work for animals in impoverished South African communities. They also have a wonderful agreement with pet owners in Mitchells Plain: if they have their pets sterilized, Fallen Angels will help feed and provide medical assistance to their animals. This is the best possible way to reduce the street dog population, but it cannot be done without the support of animal lovers like you.

$5,000 (roughly £4,100), will help rescue, feed, rehabilitate and find loving homes for animals born into suffering.

If you can find it in your heart, please support our work by making as generous a donation as you can today.

Help us to take action by donating today!

Donate today

For the animals,


Gloria Davies (and Max and Flora!)
Network for Animals

P.S. Friend, your love and support help tragic dogs like Trouble and her defenseless babies. Every animal we save gets a second chance because of you. Please, donate now and help us reach more animals like Trouble and her babies.

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