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More than 120 terrified dogs were caught in a TRAGIC FOSTER FACILITY FIRE near a deadly dog slaughter neighborhood in South Korea.

PLEASE HELP RUSH URGENT BURN CARE SUPPORT AND LIFE-SAVING FOOD for the surviving dogs NOW... AND help fund the 24/7 search for frantic escaped dogs.

Help us to take action by donating today!

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ALL were rescues from the despicable dog meat trade.
Everything was burned. Nothing is salvageable - even the food!


Help us to take action by donating today!

Donate today

As we type these words, the heroes of Jindo Love Rescue have pulled more than four dozen terrified survivors from the hulking, smoldering wreckage of their foster facility that was once a beacon of safety and love in this deadly dog slaughterhouse neighborhood.

SIXTEEN dogs (so far) heartbreakingly perished in the inferno - some who, just this past spring, your love helped save from one of the many slaughterhouses and backyard butcher operations in the area. One of them - baby Puma - was being considered for adoption by a member of our staff. (See this link for a brief tribute to those who perished.)

While the wall of flames climbed higher and spread, 70 dogs - terrified, traumatized and burned - escaped ONTO THE DANGEROUS STREETS! These once rescued, little lives (some with adoptive families already lined up) suddenly, again, have become the easy prey of dog butchers. You can imagine why the fire is now under investigation to rule out foul play. We MUST help Jindo Love find and save the dogs!


Help us to take action by donating today!

Donate today

Jindo Love DESPERATELY needs our help, to pull together and overcome this terrible tragedy.


MANY dogs were BADLY burned in the fire. They need URGENT, emergency burn care and veterinary treatment. What food supplies didn’t burn in the flames and blistering heat were ruined by the water that extinguished the fire. Nutritious, high-quality food for the dogs is DESPERATELY NEEDED!

Jindo Love’s dedicated, passionate all-volunteer staff are devastated, sobbing over the bodies of the poor dogs who perished, burying them with love and care, cradling terrified survivors… but pressing on, as we all must…

  • Seeking emergency veterinary care for badly burned survivors…
  • Finding temporary shelter for the survivors…
  • Working through their heartbreak and unanswered questions about the fire’s true cause…
  • Racing the streets to find and save the terrified dogs who fled, and…
  • Beginning preparations to repair and reopen the shelter.

Please, PLEASE, whatever you can donate right away… $25 (£21)... $50 (£41)... $100 (£83)... $500 (£413)... MORE if you have the resources and are moved to help... we cannot EVER thank you enough!

Help us to take action by donating today!

Donate today

Dog slaughterhouses are prevalent near this amazing, and now gutted, foster facility.
Finding escaped dogs is time sensitive and URGENT, all while the soft-eyed, suffering little burn survivors need ALL THE CARE AND LOVE we can send them!


This is as URGENT a plea for help as we have ever sent to you. PLEASE donate today if you possibly can. Thank you so very much, with all our hearts.

For the animals,


Brian and Gloria Davies (and Max and Flora!)
Network for Animals


P.S. You can see what a beacon of love and care the Jindo Love foster facility was before the fire. PLEASE HELP us help JINDO LOVE REBUILD and SAVE THE SURVIVING DOGS NOW... donate whatever you possibly can! Thank you so much for your love and passion for all animals.

In memory of…

Please, PLEASE donate whatever you can now we can rush support for URGENT burn care and emergency medicines for surviving dogs... essential food (the entire stockpile was lost in the fire)... funds to aid the frantic search to find and save terrified fire escapees from the murderous clutches of dog slaughterers... to help rebuild the ruined Jindo Love foster facility into the beacon of love and safety it was!

With the heaviest hearts, please let us share the babies lost in the fire
or afterwards from injuries.

BENTLEY: a gentle giant, Bentley, was waiting for his flight to his adopters Alexander and Danielle.


TAKA: Tiki's brother, Taka had the goofiest grin and most playful spirit. He was up for any game, loved to wrestle and was generally in the middle of mischief.


KITKAT: abandoned because she lacked a prey drive, sweet KitKat loved the puppy room most, spending her days taking care of babies and playing gently with them.

THANK YOU so much, for whatever you are able to donate today…
a very sad day indeed.

May all these innocent babies rest in peace.

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