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When we received the message below from our partner at Jindo Love Rescue in South Korea - where you recall only weeks ago, more than 120 terrified dogs were caught in a TRAGIC FOSTER FACILITY FIRE near a deadly dog slaughter neighborhood - we KNEW we had to reach out to you again, IMMEDIATELY:

PLEASE don’t let us cease to exist! A tremendous outpouring of support like yours has given us hope of rebuilding. We have shouldered the cost of demolition
(but) just the cost of a temporary boarding facility is over $8,500 (£7,600) (per) month!

Most of our dogs have fire burns and other injuries.
Their medical care is our PRIORITY!
We are scared. We are nervous.

We cannot ever thank you enough for having donated whatever you could to help us RUSH URGENT FUNDS to Jindo Love and its foster facility in the days immediately following the fire. Your love and generosity for animals - ALL animals - is deeply appreciated.

One minute it was a beautiful haven, a waystation for dogs rescued from the despicable meat trade as they waited for forever homes.


The next, it was a pile of smoldering cinders - 20 dogs were dead, and many were burned and suffering from smoke inhalation. 70 escaped and were feared to again be easy marks for the dog traders.


THE EMERGENCY IS NOT OVER! Unless rescues can continue, many dogs from the meat trade will have no hope. We are committed to continuing to help Jindo Love - to care for the dogs who survived the fire, rebuild and continue to rescue the innocent. PLEASE donate what you can!

Help us to take action by donating today!

Donate today

Thanks in part to your generosity, Jindo Love has tirelessly and heroically moved mountains for the sweet, scared dogs who survived the raging wall of flames in August. And finally, some of the least injured fire survivors have been adopted into loving families!

But, the inferno that gutted this beacon of hope and healing amidst a literal sea of backyard breeders, dog meat farms, slaughterhouses and restaurants that serve dog meat has been deemed as HIGHLY SUSPICIOUS.
(There are more than 1,100 dog meat farms in the country and almost 1,700 restaurants serving dog meat - no dog is completely safe)

Of course, the fire may have also been caused by an electrical short - but the foster facility employs a foster mother who lives at the facility - and no evidence, no tell-tale smell, of an electrical short was noticed.

Until the insurance company rules out foul play and confirms the fire’s cause,
NO FUNDS will be released to help Jindo Love recover expenses and rebuild.

Without our urgent help, they and the dogs are TRAPPED in an emergency state!

Please, PLEASE, donate as generously and as urgently as you possibly can to help pull Jindo Love and all the beautiful dogs in their worried and loving care
back from the brink!

Help us to take action by donating today!

Donate today


  • You will be helping to provide healing, ongoing, urgent medical care (post-fire health exams, life-giving medicines and lung x-rays) for still-traumatized burn survivors, plus help to cover boarding costs.
  • You will nourish scared little souls back to health with top-quality food and add to the URGENTLY needed funds to speed rebuilding.
  • AND you will help defray the estimated cost of an essential sprinkler system, which alone has a $40,000 (£35,760) price tag.

…just like in those first hours after the fire.

Help us to take action by donating today!

Donate today

... EVERYTHING was burned. NOTHING was salvageable. Not even the food! Rescuers wept over the charred bodies of rescued dogs who didn’t survive.

Then, they wiped away their tears to save the living. They fanned out in teams across the town and, sometimes using drones, located and “re-rescued” every dog who managed to escape the fire!

You may remember Panther - he faced death and beat it THREE TIMES! First, and again thanks to your generosity, we supported Jindo Love’s rescue efforts when Panther was found with his littermates in a decrepit, feces-covered cage in a breeder’s backyard. His fate would have been on the dinner table.


Next, he was hospitalized for distemper (as were his littermates). His littermates didn’t make it - but he did!


Then, Panther survived the fire!


So many dogs like Panther were covered in soot. They had oozing open wounds. They were terrified and confused - traumatized from watching their friends struggle and perish in the fire.

You have made so much possible already. But the crisis continues, and we still need your support.

PLEASE DONATE whatever you possibly can today!
We cannot let Jindo Love, and its life-saving work, cease to exist!

THANK YOU, with all our hearts.

For the animals,


Brian and Gloria Davies (and Max and Flora!)
Network for Animals

P.S. PLEASE HELP us help JINDO LOVE care for the surviving dogs and find them homes, rebuild and then continue with its incredible work rescuing dogs from the abominably cruel meat trade! Thank you so much for your love and passion for ALL animals!

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