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Recently we wrote to ask for your URGENT HELP for 120 terrified dogs caught in a TRAGIC FOSTER FACILITY FIRE near a deadly dog slaughter neighborhood in South Korea.

The situation is EVEN MORE URGENT. . .
THREE more dogs have died from the fire, three more were hospitalized, and the building is in ruins. Every last morsel of food is DESTROYED!

Your donation will fund life-saving veterinary care and temporary shelter for survivors, and the IMMEDIATE REBUILD of Jindo Love’s devastated foster facility!

Help us to take action by donating today!

Donate today

Terrified burn survivor Jade had bubbles coming out of her nose, scorched lungs, raw neck wounds and couldn't open her eyes from burns! PLEASE DONATE to help fund her care!

Cleaning up of the former foster facility is underway. But the building is just a steel skeleton - nothing is left. The devastation has forced Jindo Love Rescue to suspend adoptions, at least temporarily.

EVERY MOMENT we delay leaves lives in the balance! We are RUSHING funds as often as we receive new donations to help with Jindo Love’s cash flow which is critical.

PLEASE, PLEASE, for sweet souls like Jade - and to honor the fallen victims of the FOSTER FACILITY FIRE (some who had adoptive families waiting for them)….

Help us to take action by donating today!

Donate today

Jindo Love’s dedicated, passionate all-volunteer staff are devastated, sobbing over the bodies of the poor dogs who perished, burying them with love and care, cradling terrified survivors… but pressing on, as we all must, to…

  • Seek emergency veterinary care for badly burned survivors…
  • Find temporary shelter for the survivors…
  • Source food (everything was burned or ruined by water when the firemen arrived)…
  • Work through their heartbreak and unanswered questions about the fire’s true cause
  • Search the streets to find and save the terrified dogs who fled (even a drone is being used - and many have been found), and…
  • Beginning preparations to repair and reopen the shelter.

(Right now, Jindo Love is awaiting final estimates on the cost to rebuild. But with so much lost, expenses are certainly going to be substantial.)

PLEASE, whatever you can donate - $35 (£30)... $50 (£42)... $100 (£85)... $500 (£423)... MORE if you have the resources and are moved to help - we cannot EVER thank you enough!

Help us to take action by donating today!

Donate today

Dog slaughterhouses are sighted near this amazing, and now gutted, foster facility.
Finding escaped dogs is time sensitive and URGENT, all while the soft-eyed, suffering little burn survivors need ALL THE CARE AND LOVE we can send them!


This is an URGENT plea for help. PLEASE donate today if you possibly can. Thank you so very much, with all our hearts.

For the animals,


Brian and Gloria Davies (and Max and Flora!)
Network for Animals


P.S. Baby Wicket - who tragically perished in the fire - never had a chance to find a forever home, but we know she would have loved having a family to call her own. PLEASE will you be part of her “family” now - the NFA family - and help another sweet dog to survive their burn injuries, AND have the chance at a loving life that Wicket didn’t? HELP us help JINDO LOVE to save the surviving dogs, rebuild and continue to rescue innocent dogs from the despicable meat trade and find them forever homes… donate whatever you possibly can! Thank you so much for your love and passion for all animals!

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