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Every year, as many as 500,000 Spanish greyhounds, known as galgos, and podencos, are bred for the hunting industry – and tens of thousands are discarded, tortured and often killed when they are no longer seen as ‘useful’. 

credit_NFADejan Radic

Credit: NFA/Dejan Radic

This vast number is bred for the sole purpose of hunting down small creatures, to have them mercilessly torn apart by the dogs themselves. 

Worse, tradition says that if a galgo ‘dishonors’ its owner by not being a ruthless killer, the dog must be painfully punished and killed. Galgos are hanged, drowned and beaten all because they do not want to take part in this violent ‘tradition’.

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A look at the conditions in which Galgos are often kept. Credit: Galgos del Sur

Adding to this problem is the heartbreaking truth that Spain's native wildlife, such as hares, rabbits, partridges and deer, have been devastated by hunting. As a result, there are factories dedicated to breeding these animals solely for the purpose of being hunted and torn apart by the dogs.

This development exacerbates an already dire situation, highlighting the sad lengths to which some will go to satisfy their craving for blood sports.

Once the dogs have ‘outlived their usefulness’, they are often abandoned, starved or killed – but with your support, we can help save their lives.

The stark reality for hunting dogs in Spain is a life characterized by brevity, suffering and despair, largely due to the negligence, apathy and cruelty of those who ought to provide care and protection.

Image3_credit_Spanish Civil Guard

Credit: Spanish Civil Guard

Too often, galgos are kept in appalling conditions – confined to darkness, subjected to harsh weather and forced to live in their own waste in windowless shacks, deprived of daylight and exercise.

Only the fastest and strongest among them are spared a fate that is arguably worse than death itself. Our partners on the ground share harrowing stories of galgos who have been beaten, starved and even gruesomely killed when they are no longer deemed useful. 

An estimated 60,000 galgos are needlessly killed each year in Spain alone. Only with your donations can we help stop this senseless tragedy.


Credit: Waggingtale Films

In response to our efforts and public outcry, Spain has recently revised its animal welfare laws, implementing stricter penalties for those guilty of animal abuse. However, this update tragically and deliberately overlooks galgos, labeling them as "agricultural" animals. This classification denies them the crucial protection they urgently require, leaving them exposed to severe abuse under the guise of cultural tradition.

Even in the midst of such despair, there lies a glimmer of hope – you... 

Please show galgos how compassionate you are by contributing to the fight for their lives today!

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credit: NFA/Dejan Radic

On our most recent rescue mission in Spain, my team on the ground discovered a group of ten galgos languishing in a dilapidated shed, abandoned at the end of the hunting season and facing certain death. Naturally, we rescued them, and they are now at our partner sanctuary in Cordoba, Galgos del Sur, receiving expert veterinary care.

We are pleased to report that all ten are doing extremely well, given the horrific situation we found them in. While they are still in shock, they are slowly transitioning from the despair of their previous lives, and we are starting to see the hope in their eyes!

Image6_credit_NFA_Dejan Radic

Credit: NFA/Dejan Radic

Your support has been the shining light that has turned the tide for many galgos, like the ten we were able to rescue. With your help, we financially support three galgo rescue centers in Spain, each of which relies on us just as we rely on your donations to continue the work we do.

But the truth is, countless more of these poor dogs still suffer.

We are committed to rescuing and caring for these animals, while challenging the very foundation of their suffering through sustained advocacy and awareness.

Image7_credit_NFA_Dejan Radic

Credit: NFA/Dejan Radic

With your generous donation, we will continue to save lives and champion this cause, tirelessly working to prevent suffering and death for hundreds of thousands of galgos in Spain. 

Together, we need to raise $60,000 (around £47, 800), so we can continue to support the shelters that are actively saving lives, and keep up the battle we are waging in Spanish courts to finally give galgos the legal protection they deserve.

For the animals,

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P.S. Our resolve is stronger than ever; we're dedicated to continuing this battle until victory is achieved and Spain's laws are amended to protect these dogs. We're prepared to do everything within our power to ensure this – and all our efforts hinge on your invaluable support.

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