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Our battle to protect and rescue abused Spanish greyhounds, known as "galgos," has begun, but now, more than ever, we need your dedicated support and compassionate hearts to make a real difference.

In Spain, thousands of hunting dogs are tortured each year. These loyal creatures are frequently subjected to the horrifying fate of being exploited for just one season and then being cruelly discarded like trash.

The depth of suffering they endure is unimaginable. They face the agony of starvation, the terror of being hurled into dark wells, the brutality of savage beatings, the horror of being targeted in shooting practices, the searing pain of poisoning, or the slow, merciless torment of being hung alive from trees. We simply cannot stand idly by with clear conscience, knowing that such abuse persists.


Will you rise with us, taking a bold stand to put an end to this heartrending suffering? Join us in our passionate quest to eradicate this injustice and bring solace to these innocent lives. Please donate right now!

Help us to take action by donating today!

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It is an absolute outrage!
With your support, we plan to help as many of the dogs as possible.

Galgos are bred for Spain's controversial hunting industry. Hunters pursue and kill various species such as mountain goats, wild boar, mouflon sheep, and red and fallow deer. Individuals partake in this bloodsport for their own twisted amusement.


It is estimated that up to 50,000 galgos are killed every year.
They are one of the most abused dog breeds in the world.

Here is what happens to the poor creatures unlucky enough to fall into the hands of hunters: first, before they are sent to hunt, they are starved to make them hungry enough to kill. Typically, they are kept chained in dirty, feces-riddled underground bunkers.

The dogs are judged “good” or “bad” hunters. Those who fall into the latter category
are often tortured by their owners for the ‘shame’ they have brought on them. The reasoning is that by torturing and killing the dogs, they wash away the dishonor the dogs displayed that brought shame to their masters.


Image Credit: Spanish Civil Guard

There are many cases of galgos being burned with acid, dragged behind cars, skinned or buried alive, or subjected to the sickeningly named “piano dance” where a dog is tied up by its neck and hung up, its feet barely touching the ground, until it is slowly and excruciatingly strangled to death.

There is no legal protection for these poor creatures because they are regarded under Spanish law as working dogs and are excluded from laws relating to pets. Legally, they are no different from inanimate objects and can be used in whatever manner their owner decides.


In many instances, dogs are used for a single hunting season and then discarded or killed. Abandoned galgos are found on roadsides or rubbish dumps scrounging for food, or they are dumped at overrun shelters. Some are shot dead and left to rot along the road.

It is cheaper for the owners to kill a dog than to feed it for four months until the next season. A new dog costs as little as $11 (£9) from one of many breeding facilities that supply hunters.

The barbaric treatment of helpless dogs is an absolute disgrace, the dogs need help.
This is our plan…


We have partnered with two organizations who operate dog shelters and provide care to hunting dogs - Foundation Jadoul and PACMA. These remarkable organizations work tirelessly to provide the best possible care to animals in need.

Their shelters, Galgos Del Sur in Cordoba and Foundation Jadoul in Valencia, are safe and caring sanctuaries where these beautiful creatures can find protection and love and, eventually, loving new homes.

Two dog shelters for abandoned galgos have shut down. We MUST do everything we can to keep the last two shelters open - the only havens left.


The heroes running these shelters face enormous challenges every day, and without the support of animal lovers like you, they simply will not have the resources to continue their vital work. Tragically, PACMA’s other shelters in Valencia and Seville were forced to close due to a lack of funds. It is terrible to think what might happen to all the traumatized, abused and neglected animals in their care if PACMA’s only remaining shelter were to close.

If we can raise $6,000 (roughly £4,800), we can provide these shelters with the funds they desperately need. Your donation today will help pay for dog food, medical care, and rehabilitation.

Help us to take action by donating today!

Donate today

Any amount you donate now will make a difference in the life of a discarded dog - just think of the joy they will feel when they receive a warm bed and a kind touch, and go to sleep with full bellies, knowing they are finally safe and loved. This is what your donation will help make possible.

Help us to take action by donating today!

Donate today

Please help us show these discarded dogs the love and compassion they have never before had - and deeply deserve - by donating now.

For the animals,


Gloria Davies (and Max and Flora!)
Network for Animals

P.S. We need to help Spanish galgos who are either barbarously killed or abandoned to die. Our partner shelters are being overwhelmed. Please, if you possibly can, donate right now so that we can help provide havens where they will be cared for and loved.

Banner Image Credit: Yo Galgo

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