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There is a crisis in Amman, the capital of Jordan in the Middle East, where it is hell on earth for the street dogs who live there.

In Jordan, animals are treated very cruelly with complete disregard for their welfare and no animal shelters provided.

Imagine you are in the scorching desert sun, homeless, scared, hungry and thirsty – while screaming children try to club you to death.

This is the reality and it is a WAR ZONE for the terrified dogs who have nowhere to go.

Witnesses say people in ‘kill cars’ drive around shooting the dogs – and it is claimed that the municipalities give their blessing to this outrage!

There are no laws that protect animals, nor are there any shelters, and many people are hostile towards the poor creatures because, on religious grounds, they believe they are ‘unclean’.

These dogs need you, you are their only hope. Some misguided, poor and uneducated youths are doing unspeakable things to these petrified creatures. Our image shows a group of children who beat a dog to death with a club for fun!

Kids learned from their elders that being cruel to dogs is ok, because they are religiously ‘unclean’.

Our team went to Jordan to tackle the situation. We visited the small town of Zarqa in central-eastern Jordan and met with local mayor Marwan AL Saeed. He seems to be a good man who said he would cooperate with us and help street dogs in his town.

The plan is to make Zarqa a shining example of what animal welfare should be, for the rest of Jordan to follow.

As a first step the mayor agreed to make the town a no-kill zone.

We discussed establishing a special unit to be responsible for rescuing all the dogs and taking them to a sanctuary to be spayed and neutered.

All this is expensive, but so very important. Please, if you possibly can, make a generous donation to Network for Animals today so we can provide help these dogs in Jordan so desperately need.

For the animals,


Brian and Gloria Davies (and Max)
Founder and CEO

P.S. If we can get it right for animals in Zarqua, we will be providing a blueprint for animal welfare in every town in Jordan. This could be a huge win for animals. Please donate generously today.

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