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As the violent conflict between Israel and Gaza enters its 10th day, countless helpless animals on both sides continue to endure unimaginable suffering.


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With the human death toll now surpassing 4,200, we shudder at the thought of the innumerable animal lives claimed and the untold numbers of survivors left injured, starving, terrified and struggling to survive in the throes of war-torn chaos.

Abandoned as people flee for their lives, forgotten and suffering cats, dogs and donkeys are without food, shelter or love. We are helping to feed, treat and evacuate as many animals as we can, but this is a brutal war with no end in sight, and we URGENTLY need your support right away!

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Credit: United Hatzalah of Israel.

The situation is worsening every day. We must act NOW to reach desperate, terrified animals right now:

Please help us to take action by donating today!

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Our partner, Let the Animals Live (LTAL) in Israel, is working around the clock to distribute pet food and evacuate animals from some of the most dangerous areas. Access to the worst-hit regions is currently restricted to the military, but our partner is collaborating with good-hearted soldiers to distribute food within these disaster zones. The military is also helping to rescue trapped and injured animals in conflict areas and hand them over so that they can be evacuated to the safety of the LTAL’s shelter in Kfar Ruth, central Israel. The shelter already houses over 250 cats and dogs and is currently inundated with more, many of whom are suffering from horrific burn wounds and broken limbs.

LTAL takes in scores of severely injured animals in desperate need of emergency veterinary care and distributes pet food DAILY. We MUST rush funds to support our team’s life-saving feeding and evacuation missions AND help cover vet bills for the wounded.


Credit: Anas Baba/Sulala Animal Rescue

Sulala Animal Rescue (SAR) in Gaza cares for 400 dogs and 130 cats in its shelter and foster homes and countless more on the streets. Right now, smoke from the shelling and thundering explosions can be seen and heard from the shelter, causing the animals to be in a constant state of terror. After Gaza residents were ordered to evacuate 1 million people within 24 hours, SAR rushed to the scene, risking their lives to bring pets and their owners to safety. No matter the danger, our teams are there, fighting to save animals at risk of being killed in the warzones.

We must ease the suffering of these terribly traumatized animals. As food, fuel, water and medicines are near depletion, we need your support to rush funds IMMEDIATELY so that SAR can stockpile critically needed supplies for animal victims.

Our partner, Starting Over Sanctuary (SOS) in Israel, has taken in over 80 cats, dogs, donkeys and horses abandoned by owners fleeing high-conflict zones. Our team has delivered ONE TON of food for hungry, suffering, and trapped cats in the war zones. With over 900 animals rescued from severe neglect and abuse already calling the shelter home, SOS urgently needs help with additional funds for food and medical bills for Israel’s four-legged victims of war.

Animal Environment Association (AEA) in Bethlehem, Palestine, cares for 100+ animals. These animals are in dire need of food, water, medicines and blankets. We are helping.


One of our food donations delivered to LTAL. Credit: LTAL

It breaks our hearts that countless starving, injured, and terrified animals are trapped in bombarded areas right now. Our rescue vehicles are THERE on the ground, rushing to feed, evacuate, and treat as many helpless animal victims as possible!

With your support right now, we will ensure that the tragic animal victims of the horrific Gaza-Israel war receive the critical food, medical supplies and treatment they need to SURVIVE.

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Credit: Said Khatib

Please help us to take action by donating today!

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Animals are always the forgotten victims in times of war – abandoned in their homes or left to struggle for survival on the streets. No one cares about them except animal lovers like you.

Today, you can be their hero. Please help us to show your compassion for animals when they truly need it most! Please donate to Network for Animals TODAY. Together, we can bring these voiceless victims hope, comfort, and SAFETY during this terrible time of war.

For the animals,

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Gloria Davies (and Max and Flora!)
Founder and CEO
Network for Animals

P.S. Cats and dogs in war-torn Israel and Gaza need food, medicine, and veterinary care – and FAST! We must do everything we can to get help to these suffering creatures. We have already rushed funds for critical feeding and evacuation missions, and with your support right now, we will reach even more war-torn animals. Your donation will make a real impact in the lives of animal victims suffering terribly amid the Gaza-Israel conflict. Please donate now.

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