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When a country suffers, its animals suffer most.

We urgently need your help to save donkeys from starvation in Zimbabwe.

The country is suffering from the worst drought in 40 years. In some parts of Zimbabwe, it hasn’t rained in over a year. The drought is so bad the UN say two million people could starve to death and is raising hundreds of millions of dollars to help them. Animals aren’t getting that kind of help so it’s up to animal lovers like us to help.

Donkeys can’t find food on their normal grazing pastures and their owners, who depend on the donkeys to pull transport carts, can’t afford to buy food because prices have sky-rocketed.

Donkeys are dying daily! Our team saw starving donkeys everywhere.

We found an emaciated donkey foal who had been abandoned and left to die.

He was badly dehydrated and so weak from starvation, he couldn’t walk – and his pulse was fading. We worked as fast as we could. We talked to him while we worked – calling him “Simon” – to keep him conscious.

We managed to get him to MARES, a donkey sanctuary that we support financially. We thought he was on the road to recovery but, as we write this - we have just learned that he has passed away.

We both have tears in our eyes. We must save donkeys like Simon. Please, please help us. We desperately need donations to buy hay bales for the donkeys in Zimbabwe to help get them through this drought.

Network for Animals relies entirely on donations from generous animal lovers like you. People are desperately poor in Zimbabwe, and simply can’t help.

We must help!

Please, if you possibly can, donate to Network for Animals now, so that we can come to the aid of the donkeys of Zimbabwe. Time is running out, and we are desperately concerned about their plight!

For the animals,


Brian and Gloria Davies (and Max and Flora!)
Founder and CEO

P.S. Donkeys are such gentle, undemanding and quiet-natured creatures. They want nothing more from us than care and love. Please help us save them.

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