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Just days ago, we emailed to check on you and your animal friends as the early and devastating impact of the coronavirus pandemic became breaking news.

Today, we are urging all our Network for Animals’ family around the world to please stay put, avoid any unnecessary travel, and stay strong.

NFA’s team of animal heroes includes YOU.  We need you to keep safe!


NFA’s crusade against animal cruelty cannot falter... or precious lives will be lost.

It is not easy to tell you that the coming days will demand much of people like us.

Especially now, as our world is shaken to its core and the animal abusers and murderous animal exploiters prey on innocent, gentle creatures for profit.

We are determined to keep EVERY anti-cruelty
campaign operating as the coronavirus crisis intensifies!

If you possibly can donate to NFA now, we really need your urgent and generous support for the animals today more than ever.  Every donation, large or small, matters to keep these campaigns strong!

In places like South Africa, Kenya, Zimbabwe and Israel, your support will help us continue donating food and medicines for rescued donkeys, fighting to end cruelty and seeking alternative livelihoods for those who perpetuate the agonizing donkey skin trade due to grinding poverty.

In the Philippines, and despite halts to international travel, your donation will be working behind the scenes with decision-makers at the highest levels, to bring the murderous dog meat trade to an end once and for all – AND enact legislation that could stop all horse-fighting in places like Mindanao.

Around the globe for dogs and cats who are suffering in ways no animal lover could conceive of, you will keep us on the job to end the pain and save lives – in places like Montenegro, Serbia, South Africa, and Greece, you will ensure there’s no delay in our lifesaving action.

There is SO much more your urgent donation will help us be able to do.

Whatever you give now will help Network for Animals (AND THE ANIMALS we work every day to protect) get through the coronavirus pandemic and come out the other side as strong as ever, for the animals we love so much.

You are part of this NFA team. Part of our family, always.

Please, keep safe.  And thank you.  The animals need you.  We need you!

For the animals,


Brian and Gloria Davies (and Max and Flora!)
Founders Network for Animals

P.S. We’ll update you as often as possible as events unfold. In the meantime, please know that we’re here for the animals – and here for you. If you have ANY questions about your donations or the heroes’ work you support, please email us here – it’s the safest and most reliable way to contact us in these topsy-turvy times. Thank you again for whatever you can give!

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