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As the war in Ukraine raged on, the animals of Droog (“Friend”) Shelter in Oleksandria, five hours outside of Kyiv, lay dying of neglect. At this ironically named place of torture, no dogs receive treatment of any kind. If they’re sick, injured or starving, they’re simply thrown into a cage and left to die.

Our team arrived to find dogs dying of disease and neglect, and cats crying in cold, cheerless rooms, devoid of comfort. An eyewitness told us that hundreds and hundreds of animals have died at this “shelter” since it opened in 2008, and it is certain in the war that hundreds MORE will die if we don’t step in and save the animals.

Trapped in hell: 420 dogs and 80 cats at the ‘shelter from hell’ were just waiting to die. These 500 animals have no hope without your support.

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The war in Ukraine has ruined the lives of thousands and thousands of helpless animals, we are only now learning how bad the situation actually is: we CANNOT and WILL NOT turn away from their suffering.

Conditions at Droog are so bad that the animals are left to rot and die of whatever disease or injury they might have.

If they aren’t already sick when they arrive, they certainly will become sick soon after – a volunteer told our team that no animals are given vaccinations or even the most basic of treatment. Puppies are dying of parvovirus - a highly contagious but also preventable disease with vaccinations or treatment. But these baby animals are simply left to suffer in the dirt, infecting others as they slowly die of the disease.

Desperate dogs with mangled limbs howled in desperation when they saw our team - could this, at last, be our salvation? they must have wondered.

It is as if these animals have been sentenced to life in prison for the worst possible crimes - but their only “crime” is being homeless, unwanted, sick, and UNLOVED.


There are no vets in the area, no veterinary clinics and no labs for blood tests or X-rays. When dogs arrive at the shelter sick, they just suffer until they die. If they arrive injured, they must either miraculously recover on their own in the dirt or succumb to their injuries. Some of the animals are disabled, some have severe skin diseases, and all are desperately seeking love.

The volunteer also confirmed that the dogs are not fed properly - they are given a boiled mess of wheat grain or tossed leftovers from nearby local eateries. Sick animals who are given no treatment have absolutely NO hope of recovery if they aren’t even given a proper, solid meal to eat. Not only are they dying of disease, but they’re starving at the same time. Can you even begin to imagine the extent of their suffering?

Dead dogs are thrown onto roofs where their bodies are left to rot and decay. This is surely one of the worst places in Ukraine for animals - but with your help, we will get EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM OUT!

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Dead dogs tossed on a shelter roof, shrouded in plastic

The shelter is not safe for the animals living there or the people trying in vain to help them, despite the resistance of the owners who don’t care one iota about them.

“The faces of the puppies and the cries of the dogs and cats broke me. We can't let more animals DIE here. We need to get as many [animals] out of here as quickly as possible.”
(NFA team member Marc Ward of Have a Heart Equine Sanctuary - HAHES)

“This shelter should be closed immediately,” Marc said, after watching an animal lay dying before his eyes. The animals were so dirty, our team had to put on gloves to handle them.

Most horrifyingly of all, a shelter volunteer told us that food meant for the dogs somehow wound up being sold for profit at a local market. What kind of person could be this cruel and callous towards ravenous, helpless animals who depend on charities to help feed them? It’s a DISGRACE!


We MUST do our best to get these animals out, and we must do it FAST.
Your support WILL help!

Donate to Network for Animals right now and help us
save 500 animals from total hell on earth!

Help us to take action by donating today!

Donate today

They’re in agony and dying as you read this. Don’t let them down like everyone else has!

Whatever you can afford will be a lifeline to these poor animals who deserve so much better - starting with a decent bowl of food, medical treatment and somewhere to sleep that isn’t sand or a cold tiled room.

These poor dogs and cats were at the bottom of everyone’s list, BUT NOT OURS and we know NOT YOURS!

Please donate right now, as much as you possibly can, and we promise to rush your support the tragic animals of Droog shelter.

For the animals,


Brian and Gloria Davies (and Max and Flora!)
Network for Animals

P.S. Your donations will be used to rush veterinary care to the region - we already have an ambulance and a Polish vet ready to go, if we can raise funds for medication and transport costs. The next step will be to find homes for as many of the ‘healthy’ animals as possible - though they are likely to need quarantining due to their lack of vaccinations - and to get longer-term care and treatment for the sick animals. With your support, we can achieve all this for the animals. Please, donate right away, and together let’s put an end to this hell on earth for the animals of Droog.

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