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I am proud to say we were one of the first animal welfare organizations to respond when the Russians invaded Ukraine. So far, we have bought two animal ambulances that work constantly, taking emergency pet food to Ukraine from Poland and returning full of abandoned dogs and cats.

When the animals arrive in Poland, they are often injured and always traumatized. We have funded the creation of an emergency cattery and an adaptation center for dogs so that our wonderful partner ADA Foundation can welcome refugee animals with loving arms and immediate treatment 24-hours a day.


We also take care of the unglamorous logistical tasks, providing fuel to keep the ambulances rolling, special transport cages, medical supplies, cat and dog transporters, fencing and all the other requirements that make it possible to rescue abandoned animals from a vicious war, where bombs rain death all around them.

We have partnered with 6 animal rescue organizations in Poland and Ukraine and, through them, are giving animals ton after ton of pet food - a task that gets more expensive every week.

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But no matter how much we do, we still need to do more because the situation for animals is getting worse every day. Animals in Ukraine are enduring horrors that no creature should experience!

In many areas, their homes have been reduced to rubble, and dogs and cats pick their way through broken glass in search of scraps to eat, ever fearful of bullets and bombs. They have no idea what is going on. These war-stricken animals only know hunger and fear, and that it seems humans have deserted them to die alone.

Our partners risk their lives every single day, dodging bombs and bullets, to take food to abandoned animals and rescue those they can. Despite all the difficulties, we keep finding ways to get funds to these organizations so the animals can keep eating, and they keep finding ways to get food under evermore difficult circumstances.

Help us to take action by donating today!

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Honestly, our team is exhausted. None of us have experienced an animal catastrophe of this scale. We and our partners may all be tired, but what keeps us going is the knowledge that street animals who are used to tough lives, and always have a special place in our hearts, are now suffering on an almost unimaginable scale while much-loved pets have lost everything, and wander bewildered and alone through a war zone. They don’t know that their humans were forced to abandon them - or worse, that they were killed. All they know is hunger and fear.

Help us to take action by donating today!

Donate today

How can we not do our very, very best to help them? As an animal lover, you know how much dogs and cats love us. Now more than ever, we must show them how much we love and care about them.

Please donate today to Network for Animals so we can work even harder to save, love and care for Ukraine’s animal victims of war. There’s no one left to help them but you, and us.

For the animals,


David Barritt
Executive Director
Network for Animals

P.S. It is my promise that we will not give up on Ukraine’s animals, no matter how many Russian bombs fall. And when the dust settles, we and are our partners will continue to be there for the animals. Please help us continue our vital work by donating today. It is only through animal lovers who care enough to donate that we can help Ukraine’s war animals, and they really, truly need all the help they can get.

Image credits: Image 2: @UAarmy_animals_ Twitter

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