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We just had an emergency call from our team in Przemyśl on the Polish border with Ukraine. To help rescued animals pouring in from Ukraine,we need:

  • Dog leashes,
  • kennel cages
  • cat transporters
  • dog and cat collars
  • harnesses
  • pet bowls.

Courier if possible to:
Magdalena Kud-Fedaczynska

ADA Foundation

Warehouse at the castle in Fredropol (Fredropol 14, 37-734)
MQX2+3M2 Fredropol, Poland

We have never known a situation like this! As the Russians creep into more and more of Ukraine, the situation for animals just gets worse and worse, our team is stretched to the limit. Thanks to all of you sending messages of support. We promise:

We will not falter!
We will not give up! We will fight for the life of every abandoned pet!
But we need your continued support to DOUBLE the number
of dogs and cats we can save!

Help us to take action by donating today!

Donate today

We have been rushing aid to the animals of Ukraine since the war began. Here’s the latest news…

  • We sent dog and cat food to the town of Kherson. It has now been captured and Alexandra Gavriluk-Levitska, our partner and founder of Shelter Ugolyok, is in a bomb shelter. She has not eaten for two days, nor have the animals for whom she cares. We can only get the food to them when there is a break in the fighting, but when there is Alexandra will risk her life to feed them.
  • We sent food to the Donbas region which has also been captured by the Russians, but Anzhela our partner is managing so far to feed the dogs. Food is running out, prices are rising. We are sending more money.
  • Bombing of the airport near our partner Oksana Zhurba has stopped for now and she is able to feed the 60 cats and 310 dogs who live in her shelter. We are sending timber for extra kennels so she can take in more animals.

We are raising money to buy an animal ambulance like this one.

RIGHT NOW, our team is in Przemyśl on the Polish border with Ukraine working with ADA Foundation on run food and rescue missions across the border into Ukraine. ADA Foundation has one animal ambulance which is working 24 hours a day going into Ukraine laden with cat and dog food and coming back laden with rescued dogs and cats. All the animals we rescue are traumatized, terrified and injured. Their suffering is awful and there are so many of them it is almost overwhelming.

If we can get another animal ambulance, we will DOUBLE THE NUMBER OF ANIMALS WE CAN RESCUE!

We have nothing but praise for people willing to drive into the warzone. They literally run a gauntlet of death to help animals. We have volunteers ready to go - if we can just buy another vehicle.


Help us to take action by donating today!

Donate today

We have found a vehicle for sale, and if we raise the money, within two days it will be saving terrified dogs and cats from death. I am sure you know how important this vehicle would be and how many animals it can save.

If you can, please help by donating - this is the time. We need to get that ambulance and we need to get it into the war zone fast.


Abandoned dogs in window

ADA Foundation is receiving hundreds of calls from individuals and shelters in Ukraine begging for help. There are thousands of animals in need, but they are limited by their equipment: they can only bring back as many animals as their ambulance can carry.

Every time you donate, you help another abandoned, terrified and injured animal to be fed and evacuated from the war zone!

It is only through your support that we’re able to offer help to the animals caught up in this unimaginable crisis. They are the helpless, voiceless victims who are so often overlooked – but not by us, and not by you.

Help us to take action by donating today!

Donate today

THANK YOU for caring for the animals of Ukraine. Please, if you can, continue to donate so we may evacuate as many of them as possible. They don’t deserve to die in bomb blasts or airstrikes. They, like your pets and our dear rescues, Max and Flora, deserve happy and calm lives in places where they are safe. No animal deserves to die in a war.

For the animals,


Brian and Gloria Davies (and Max and Flora!)
Network for Animals

P.S. We are feeding the homeless animals still stranded in Ukraine, so at least their bellies are full. But, we are desperate to evacuate as many of them as we can. Polish shelters are ready to receive them so the more vehicles we can send in to save them, the better. With every passing minute, they are dodging bullets, bombs and airstrikes. They deserve safe passage out of Ukraine and with your support, that’s exactly what we’ll give them. Please, donate generously right now.

Image credits: Banner: Anatolii Stepanov_AFP via Getty Images; Image 3: Anadolu Agency via Getty Images_Buzzfeed

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