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Yesterday, we told you about Dr. Pavlina Harasym, a vet in Ukraine who is rescuing abandoned pets in villages and towns around Lviv, caring for them and sending them to safety in Poland.

Pavlina risks her life to go into danger zones on foot, because she has no vehicle. Usually, she can only manage to rescue two animals at a time, but…

…if we can raise the funds for an ANIMAL AMBULANCE for her,
she can rescue up to 50 abandoned pets at a time!

We reached out to our supporters, and you responded magnificently. In 24 hours, we have almost raised enough. We are so close that we are already looking for a vehicle. Once we have reached our target, we’ll purchase it right away, and our Polish partner Dolnośląski Inspektorat Ochrony Zwierząt (DIOZ) will take the vehicle across the Ukraine border and deliver it to Pavilana.


We hardly need to tell you what a difference this will make to the abandoned war animals of Ukraine. Additionally, if the Russians take Lviv, then the ambulance will be used to evacuate the animals to safety in Poland.

Please, keep donating to help us reach our goal.

We are so close, and we don’t have a moment to lose. If the Russians enter Lviv - and it seems an inevitability - any animals left on the street will have no more hope of salvation. We MUST rescue them before Russian soldiers storm in and the worst happens to the cats and dogs left behind!

Our partners are working against all odds to help every animal they can reach. Your donations are helping war-stricken animals EVERY HOUR of EVERY DAY.

It’s heartbreaking chaos on the ground as our partners pick through the rubble of cities and towns to find animals in need. We are constantly sending help to support them in their efforts to evacuate animals left behind in the war zone.


Here is an update on how your donations are helping animals and saving lives…

  • We are sending the embattled, and almost encircled, Kyiv Animal Rescue Group (KARG) funds to feed the animals at 32 shelters it supports in the area. With our help, to date, KARG has fed 2,000 cats and 600 dogs and continues its feeding efforts despite the terrifying destruction happening around them. It needs more food!
  • We gave Vetmarket Pluriton funds to buy food, medication and cages to help sick and injured dogs in Khmelnytskyi Oblast. It now needs funds to convert an old farm in Volochysk into an emergency shelter for the dogs and cats pouring in from the war. With your continued support, we will help Vetmarket build this critically-needed shelter. This brave team also recently delivered aid to the animals of Irpin, where fierce fighting is taking place. It managed to rescue some animals among which are some who will not be rehomed because of age or disability. These poor creatures will find a haven at the emergency shelter. Please donate to help us build the shelter as fast as we can! We must find safety for the animals.
  • We are funding our partner LAPA Nyskie Pogotowie Opiekunczo - Adopcyjne (LAPA) to help build more kennels for the evacuated animals of Ukraine. LAPA’s shelter is small, but it is determined to help as many animals as possible and is expecting a huge influx of abandoned animals soon. Your donations will help build more kennels to house homeless cats and dogs. One of LAPA’s recent war rescues is Arnold, a street dog who was found with his jaw missing. Arnold needs life-changing surgery. With your help, we can make it happen.
  • Anzhela Sheveleva of the Animal Guardian Program (AGA) in the Donbas region continues her feeding and animal rescue efforts. She reports that abandoned pets are struggling on the icy-cold streets where they can’t find food or warmth. Tougher experienced street dogs eat all the scavenged food, leaving once-loved pets to starve. AGA is the only hope these poor creatures have and we are happy to report that, thanks to our supporters, we are making regular donations to aid Anzhela’s incredibly worthy work. Anzhela is overwhelmed by the help: “No one helps Donbas except you - no one!” she told us recently.
  • Last, Oksana Zhurba of Ecoprotection of Starokostyantyniv, reports that volunteers have completed building more than half the animal enclosures you helped us fund, and that work continues on the remaining shelters and kennels. Now, more animals will be given shelter off the streets. Six of the nine puppies she recently found have been successfully rehomed.

Back to the ambulance. We are so close to getting another ANIMAL AMBULANCE!
One last push will do it.
Please donate right now - the animals are counting on us.


We have never known a situation like this, but we will never stop fighting for the animals left homeless and abandoned in this war! Getting them out is our top priority, but where it’s not possible, we will do everything in our power to fill their bellies, treat their wounds and rescue them from the freezing, war-obliterated streets. There’s almost no one else helping them, but you and us. We won’t stop helping them, and we hope you’ll stay by our side.

For the animals,


Brian and Gloria Davies (and Max and Flora!)
Network for Animals

P.S. The need in Ukraine is never-ending. As the conflict spreads, more and more people are fleeing, and many can’t take their animals. There’s no way to know how many pets are being left on the streets, but we do know that it’s up to us to help them. No one else will. Please, keep donating to Network for Animals. Your donations are continuing to SAVE ANIMAL LIVES in Ukraine, every day - every hour!

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