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Yesterday, we told you that there is almost no pet food left in the entire Ukraine and that we have resorted to scouring Europe for food supplies. We urged you to help us. This food scarcity means more effort, more expense and more challenges in filling hungry bellies, but we know that it is worth it for the terrified, helpless and starving animals abandoned in a war! Please, donate as soon as you can because the price of food is skyrocketing. A donation will certainly buy more food today than it would tomorrow.

Help us to take action by donating today!

Donate today

We promised you regular updates and we can share with you the following…

We have helped evacuate almost ONE THOUSAND ANIMALS from Ukraine!
They have YOU to thank for getting them safe passage to Poland!


You also helped to feed thousands of war-stricken animals in Ukraine and helped to rescue close to 1,000 helpless little souls. These precious animals are now safe, fed and warm, and it’s all thanks to your compassion!

As you read this, our brave teams are once more in Ukraine, taking in food and bringing out animals. The Kyiv Animal Rescue Group (KARG) reached out to us for help to evacuate ten dogs and 50 cats from various small shelters in Kyiv. Our volunteer, Nick Tadd, is on his way to save them. He will deliver supplies and food, and collect the cats this very night.

Fuel is increasingly hard to come by in Ukraine…
and the banking system to pay for it is creaking.


There is much troubling news from our partners.

  • Shelter Ugolyok, our partner in Brodky, Ukraine, has massive challenges getting fuel for its vehicles for its animal search and rescue missions during breaks in the fighting. They are now relying on fuel donations from local farmers - a source that will certainly dry up soon. These volunteers are fearless, putting their lives on the line every single day, and we are incredibly proud to support their work.
  • It is increasingly difficult to get money into Ukraine. Oksana Zhurba, our partner from Ecoprotection of Starokostyantyniv (EPS), is having trouble accessing the funds we sent her for food and animal supplies because there is an enormous backlog. WE WILL FIND A WAY because without donations, hundreds of dogs and cats will die - so please continue to support our life-saving efforts.

Help us to take action by donating today!

Donate today

Every day, the situation is worse than the day before. Thanks to your generosity, we have already bought one animal ambulance to help bring more animals in from Ukraine, but there is such overwhelming need that we really need another.

If we can get another animal ambulance on the road, it will


Every day, more and more selfless individuals are joining the NFA team as volunteers, helping to take supplies to the border and evacuate animals from the war zone.

It is so gratifying that Network for Animals is being approached by many other animal organizations for help because they have seen how effective we are on the ground.


Many laypeople are volunteering to help, too - people like Rebecca Jackson, a young English woman who is a teacher in Kyiv and has joined our team. Rebecca became involved when she volunteered to help rescue her friend’s two cats and drive them to Poland. She met our team, and now, she will be driving into and out of Ukraine rescuing a few animals at a time. If we can raise the money for another ambulance, she will be its driver. Thank you, Rebecca! The bravery and dedication of regular, everyday individuals in the fight to save animals continues to touch us deeply.

Help us to take action by donating today!

Donate today

The need for animal food is MASSIVE and NEVER-ENDING!
The more animals we save, the more bellies there are to fill. We need to work harder every day to find and distribute food, and we CANNOT DO IT WITHOUT YOU.

There is one thing we NEVER forget, and that is without us, animals will starve - we cannot bear the thought. We are evacuating cats and dogs all the time, but there are SO MANY MORE we cannot yet reach and who we MUST continue to feed and care for.


Help us to take action by donating today!

Donate today

With the price of pet food rising so fast (and our primary source of pet food, Vetmarket Pluriton, currently out of action), your donation is CRITICAL for keeping dogs and cats fed. Your donation today will buy a lot more food than it would tomorrow, given the current rate of price rises. This is why we need to stockpile pet food now - so please, if you possibly can, donate right now.

The scale of animal abandonment in Ukraine is unimaginable. It is almost impossible to comprehend the number of dogs and cats forsaken as a terrible situation turns utterly tragic.

They have no one, only us, and you! Please, HELP!

For the animals,


Brian and Gloria Davies (and Max and Flora!)
Network for Animals

P.S. So many dogs and cats are alone and starving on the war-torn streets of Ukraine. They’re helpless, and without people like you, they WILL die. We MUST NOT let this happen! We MUST get food for the animals who have lost their owners and their homes. There is NOT A MOMENT TO LOSE! Please, rush your donation to us right now so that the dogs and cats have a meal tonight - and so we can purchase another ambulance and TRIPLE THE NUMBER OF ANIMALS WE CAN SAVE!

Image credits: Banner: Credit The South China Morning Post/AFP, Image 2: ANASTASIA VLASOVA, GETTY IMAGES_USA Today, Image 4: Associated Press, Image 5: Wolfgang Schwan_Anadolu Agency via Getty Images, Image 6: @gul.tuysuz_Instagram

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