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A terrible war is raging in Ukraine, and animals are suffering terribly!  

Animal shelters are being inundated with unwanted pets as civilians flee the country or hunker down in bomb shelters. Vets and shelters are appealing to local people not to abandon their pets, but these pleas are mostly falling on deaf ears as locals flee to save themselves. 

Many shelters - we are in hourly contact with several - are open-air shelters with no government funding, too many animals and too little food - and this was before the conflict. Now, they are even more desperate. We cannot ignore animals in their greatest time of need.  

Just this morning, we committed to help (we just have to raise the funds!) Ecoprotection of Starokostyantyniv. Overnight, Oksana Zhurba who runs the shelter has already taken in 50 new abandoned dogs. Oksana now has 300 dogs in total who urgently need food, medical attention and care - and 16 more are waiting! If the dogs (and Oksana also helps 50 cats!) are left abandoned on the streets as tanks roll in and airstrikes destroy cities - they will almost certainly die!


Help us to take action by donating today!

Donate today

Dogs and cats abandoned by their families are pouring into animal shelters - hungry, terrified and injured. Not even their OWNERS care about them. But WE DO! We know YOU DO. We MUST do everything we can to help them!

We are in communication with several shelters that need URGENT ASSISTANCE to feed their dog and cat residents. But the situation is deteriorating rapidly - every day, every hour, more dogs and cats must be taken into the shelters. And this is drastically increasing the shelters’ already desperate need for food and for funds to provide medical care.  

We have to rescue and provide as safe a haven as possible for the innocent dogs and cats caught up in the war - left abandoned on the streets as tanks roll in and airstrikes destroy cities.

Dogs and cats URGENTLY need dry food - shelters have just days of supplies left, and it’s becoming increasingly difficult and expensive to obtain. People are panicking, shelves are empty, and animals are suffering. 

Help us to take action by donating today!

Donate today

We have local pet-food companies ready to deliver food within as little as two hours, if they get paid in advance.

With your support, we can help the animals almost immediately! Together, we can bring them hope and comfort during this terrible war.

Discarded animals left on the streets ARE DYING as bomb blasts tear up the cities of Ukraine. Again, WE MUST RUSH EMERGENCY AID!


As is always the case in times of conflict, it is the helpless pets who suffer as people flee for their lives. Scared, bewildered and completely vulnerable to the fall-out of war, these animals are left without food, support or roofs over their heads - during the harsh, cold winter (which it is now in Ukraine), and the most bewildering time of their lives.

Panic in Ukraine sees people leaving in their masses and simply THROWING THEIR ANIMALS AWAY!

In Afghanistan last year (thanks to your support, we were able to provide life-saving aid and were just recently THRILLED when 286 dogs and cats were allowed to leave the country - and were flown to Canada). Now, many of Ukraine’s animals are in the same situation: once-loved pets who suddenly find themselves homeless, destitute and forced to fend for themselves amid airstrikes and bomb blasts. 


Can you imagine how utterly traumatized and terrified they must be? It’s heartbreaking. Worst of all is that few people help them. Frightened citizens are so focused on saving themselves that almost no one has time to stop and help the most vulnerable of society’s members.

Citizens forced to flee their homes have no choice but to abandon their pets. In Donbass, where a mass evacuation has been taking place over the last several days, all sorts of animals are being thrown into the streets - dogs, cats, and even pet hamsters and rats. 

Entire nurseries of tiny puppies and kittens are being thrown out into the cold while heavy shelling takes place!

These are pets! Loved, cared-for animals who suddenly, during the chaos and terror of war, find themselves alone and on abandoned streets. Without help, they will die - either from hunger or violence. The thought alone makes us weep - but that is why we are rushing to appeal to you today and rushing to help the animals of Ukraine.

We often work in dangerous areas and are experienced in knowing how to help. Today, Ukraine is one of the most dangerous places in the world, but with your help, we will provide a lifeline to the abandoned pets of the war in Ukraine.

Help us to take action by donating today!

Donate today

We are busy preparing to rush emergency aid to animal organizations on the ground in Ukraine who are working around the clock to save the animals, even amid heavy shelling and airstrikes. It’s cold, raining and dangerous, yet these few organizations are risking everything for the animals. We have identified some key areas that we’ll be rushing food, funds and medical supplies to, and hopefully in the future, we’ll be able to evacuate some animals.

Please help us to show our compassion and love for animals at a time when they most need it. PLEASE DONATE RIGHT NOW so we can RUSH EMERGENCY AID to the dogs, cats and other animals left bleeding, broken and utterly alone during this terrible time of war. We MUST raise the maximum amount possible to aid the animals of Ukraine in this terrible, unprecedented time of conflict.

For the animals,


Brian and Gloria Davies (and Max and Flora!)
Network for Animals

P.S. Network for Animals often works in the hardest-hit places to help animals in need, most recently Afghanistan - and Ukraine now is deadly dangerous. We have the experience. We get the job done! We must do everything we can to get help to the animals before they become the helpless victims of this conflict. Please, donate as much as you possibly can, and we promise to rush aid to the cats and dogs of Ukraine as quickly as we can. The sooner you help, the sooner we can help.

Image credits: Banner: EPA, Image 1: The Korea Times, Image 2: Оксана Та Сергій Екозахист, Image 4: UANIMALS.OFFICAL

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