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It has been two months since the Russians invaded Ukraine, and almost since the start, we have worked closely with Polish animal organization ADA Foundation to help animals abandoned in the Ukrainian war.

During all this time, ADA Foundation has been evacuating homeless cats and dogs from the war zone and taking them to safety in Poland. The Foundation has shown immense bravery and ingenuity in doing this. Before war broke out, ADA Foundation wasn’t even a shelter – it was an animal clinic that didn’t have shelter facilities…

But they quickly adapted their space to meet the critical needs of the animals flooding in. With our help, ADA Foundation managed to set up an emergency cat clinic, an adaptation center for sick and traumatized animals and get onto the road in an ambulance our supporters helped us fund. This means that with our support - made possible by YOUR generosity – ADA Foundation has helped more than 1,000 homeless animal victims of war and it continues to help even more.

It's amazing - more than 1,000 Ukrainian dogs and cats
are safe in Poland THANKS TO YOU!

BUT our work is not over!
NOW, we must help them get healthy and strong so they can find loving forever homes.

Please, can we count on your help today?

Help us to take action by donating today!

Donate today

Now that many Ukrainian animals are out of imminent danger, the full extent of their injuries or illnesses is becoming clear. Some of these animals have serious shrapnel wounds or are ill as a result of spending weeks alone and starving on the streets.

We’ve seen animals with shrapnel wedged into their faces and bodies, and animals convulsing on sidewalks. These animals have been saved and treated thanks to your continued support, but there are so many more who need our help. Right now, they are barely making it through each day. Their evacuation will mean nothing if we can’t treat them and get them back to full health so they can have a bright future to look forward to.

Evacuating animals is just the first step. The animals need proper medical care to recover from their nightmare ordeal on streets ravaged by war. They DESERVE to survive!


ADA Foundation is bursting at the seams with animals needing medical treatment and care and it is doing its very best to help each and every one of them, but medicines and supplies are not unlimited resources. Especially now, as war makes it more difficult and expensive to get hold of essential items - it’s harder every day for organizations like ADA Foundation to afford the items it so badly needs for the animals. Medication, bandages and other supplies are in high demand and funds are in short supply.

The dogs and cats have survived some of the worst trauma an animal could ever experience, and it is up to us to help them get the treatment they need to recover. After all, they’ve been through, they so desperately need it.


Our goal is to raise enough money to get the medication ADA Foundation needs for the animals and help them get strong enough to be adopted. ADA Foundation is full to capacity right now; the sooner we can get the team urgently needed medication, the sooner the animals there can be treated and homed so ADA Foundation has space to take in more. The numbers never seem to diminish, and the need is just so great. Helping dogs and cats right now is the key to helping even more in the weeks and months to come. They sure need it.

Please donate now so we rush much-needed animal medication to the wonderful team at ADA Foundation. The team is doing so much to help the unwanted animals of Ukraine, and we want to do everything we can to support it.

For the animals,


Brian and Gloria Davies (and Max and Flora!)
Network for Animals

P.S. There are many people eager to adopt homeless Ukrainian animals and give them the warm, loving homes they so badly need and DESERVE. Some of these animals have never had families - others have lost their homes, their families and everything they’ve ever known. But animals cannot be homed until they are healthy. The sooner we can treat them and get them strong and well, the sooner their new, happy lives can begin - lives off the streets, in warm beds, showered with love and all the food and treats they could ever imagine! Please help us give them this. Please donate now and help us heal the sick and injured animals of Ukraine. Please, make your donation now, and change the lives of 35 abandoned animals of war.

Image credits: Banner: Alexey Furman / Getty Images/NPR; Images 1 & 2: ADA Foundation; image 3: Czarek Sokolowski / AP Photo/ Gazeta Poland

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