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Last week, we told you about a Kharkiv prison in the war zone, where 24 highly trained service dogs desperately needed life-saving food. The call we received was profoundly distressing and our team on the ground sprang into action to rush food to the ravenous animals.

We are relieved to tell you that, thanks to your support, we were able to get food to the dogs and will continue to get food to them for as long as we possibly can - with your help, hopefully until this terrible war is over.

Martial law and even tighter-than-normal security have made media reports about government operations very scarce, which is likely also why the plight of these animals was unknown for so long.

By the time our food reached the dogs, it was almost too late - they would have starved to death.

No one knows exactly why the dogs were not being fed, but the most likely explanation is that state funding either dried up or that organizations that once fed them stopped operating. This is a war zone, and not only are animals at the bottom of everyone’s priority list (except ours, and yours!), but some organizations are tragically no longer in existence. What has happened to them doesn’t even bear thinking about.


Storage restrictions and regulations only allow for small loads of food to be delivered to the prison twice a week. For now, the dogs will remain in the care of prison personnel, and we are committed to providing food for as long as possible.

With your support, we will keep sending our team to the prison to help keep the dogs alive.

While there are a lot of unanswered questions, one thing IS clear: the dogs desperately need to keep being fed, and we are the only ones who can do it. We MUST continue to get food to the dogs. What would happen without our supporters' help is unthinkable - the dogs WILL starve to death.

Please, will you help by donating NOW?

Help us to take action by donating today!

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Network for Animals has received hundreds of pleas for help from shelters and organizations across Ukraine begging for help in feeding their animals. Pet food supplies are difficult to find and have all but dried up, and it’s far too dangerous for people to travel to find food for their animals or to venture out to feed the unfortunate dogs and cats living on the streets.


Can you believe that some street animals have managed to survive during more than two months of war? Imagine the physical and emotional state they must be in, having spent months dodging bullets and bombs to find tiny scraps of food, feed their litters and just stay alive.

Thank goodness for our partnership with pet food manufacturer Vetmarket Pluriton!

Our goal is to help as many organizations feed their animals as possible, which is why we partnered with Vetmarket a few weeks ago. Its team produces 21 TONS of pet food every week and is brave enough to travel into some of the most dangerous and devastated areas to feed the animals who need it most.

Such as at the prison near Kharkiv…

After the building survived a bombing, the 24 service dogs - used for security patrols at the prison - were in serious trouble as food supplies dried up. We are so grateful to the prison manager who contacted us in desperation because he could no longer watch the animals dying before his eyes.


The dogs need roughly 1,300 pounds (600 kilos) of food per month to survive. Vetmarket is able to drop food at the prison gate, where it will be collected and distributed to the animals. Prices of pet food have soared, and one of our biggest challenges is raising enough funds to feed all the animals. If our supporters respond generously, not only can we feed the prison dogs, but literally thousands of starving dogs around Ukraine.

Help us to take action by donating today!

Donate today

Please, help us save the highly trained service dogs from the worst possible fate. They didn’t ask to be ‘imprisoned’ in a war and left to starve, and without our continued help, they WILL die. They deserve our help!

With your support, WE PROMISE to keep feeding the 24 service dogs and as many desperate street dogs as possible who are relying on us to survive. Some are STILL locked up on people's properties!

Vetmarket now also has a team of volunteers who go to its warehouse near Kharkiv and collect NFA food to hand out to the animals on the streets. The team knows where the trapped animals are - animals who have tragically been tied up or locked up - and its members throw food to them. These are deadly missions, as they skirt close to occupied areas every day and are risking their lives to keep the animals from starving to death.

Help us to take action by donating today!

Donate today

Our team on the ground is working non-stop to produce and distribute Network for Animals’ food. We have the capacity and the courage to help dogs and cats in the war zone, but we urgently need funds to keep going. Prices continue to soar, and critical supplies are more and more difficult to come by. We must hurry to produce as much food as we can, so that we can keep the warehouses full, and the animals fed - no matter what might happen.

Without your donations, we simply can’t fund this LITERALLY LIFE-SAVING MISSION for the animals of Ukraine.

Help us to take action by donating today!

Donate today

Please, donate whatever you can right now - it will feed the animals TODAY.

Some of the animals abandoned on the streets are sick, some are old, and some are pregnant. We will always try to rescue as many animals as we can, but the very least we can do for them right now is keep them fed. Otherwise, they WILL die. It’s that tragic.

For the animals,


Brian and Gloria Davies (and Max and Flora!)
Network for Animals

P.S. You’ll be pleased to know that your donations ARE reaching animals that would otherwise have NO HOPE of ever receiving help in this terrible war. We are supporting partners and feeding animals in Kharkiv, Kyiv, Brovary, the Khmelnytskyi Oblast region and north of Donetsk - areas that are under constant siege or threat of attack. And now, your kindness is reaching these tragic prison dogs, too. Without your donations, we would never have been able to reach them. Their every meal is so gratefully received, and they are so grateful to YOU! Please, be as generous as you can today.

Image credits: Images supplied by: Vetmarket Pluriton

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