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A few weeks ago, you helped us undertake a critically important mission to Kupiansk in the Ukraine war zone to rescue injured and abandoned animals - and thank goodness we did!


In this city reduced to rubble, we discovered a sheer nightmare for animals,
like little Kupidon…

Kupidon’s leg was ripped almost entirely off, likely by a bomb blast or flying shrapnel. YOUR support helped us rush him to safety and save his life, but there are so many more animals like him, waiting for a lifeline that only you can give them.

Help us to take action by donating today!

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Wide-eyed, terrified Kupidon was rescued by our partner Vetmarket Pluriton when it made the perilous mission into Kupiansk to save animals. A kind lady had found him lying in the street after a shelling - but most heartbreaking of all, he still had a leash around his neck. We'll never know what became of his humans… but we can only assume the very worst.


Can you imagine the pain and terror this poor little dog must have felt, seeing his home and family being obliterated, and being left bleeding and shattered in the rubble?

The lady did her very best to care for Kupidon, but in the destroyed city of Kupiansk - there are no vets, no shops, no electricity or gas, and virtually no people remaining. Kupidon needed critical and urgent veterinary care, and thanks to your support, that is exactly what he is receiving. But there are so many more dogs like Kupidon waiting desperately for our help.


We are now heading into Lyman to rescue more tragic animal victims of war like Kupidon. But we urgently need YOUR help to do it.

Help us to take action by donating today!

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There are urgent pleas for help in Lyman, a city in east Ukraine that has survived months of Russian occupation. A brutal battle to liberate it has left the streets strewn with shrapnel and missile casings. We know there are animals in the worst conceivable condition.


These animals need us, and we must get to them FAST.
With your support now, we will.

Help us to take action by donating today!

Donate today

Our partner Vetmarket will help as many animals as it can, just like it did in Kupiansk. The team will also hand out hundreds of pounds/kilograms of NFA pet food to desperately starving animals.


How many more animals like Kupidon are lying in the dirt right now, waiting in vain to be saved but no one comes? We MUST get to Lyman, and we MUST SAVE THE ANIMALS THERE.

In many of the places we travel to rescue animals, there is no one else helping. Animal lovers like you are their only hope, and we cannot give up on them. It is difficult and dangerous to get there - our team travels long distances, sometimes for days on end, over roads that are often mostly destroyed. They provide food to all the animals they find and with our help, they cover the cost of critical medical supplies for injured animals.

We know you’ll agree when you look into Kupidon’s eyes, that every cent/penny is worthwhile to alleviate the suffering of these helpless and innocent animals caught in the crossfire of an awful human war.


Help us to take action by donating today!

Donate today

If we can raise $20,000 (£17,717), we can get to Lyman and save more desperately animals like Kupidon - and we can also return to Kupiansk. We can do it, and we WILL do it, if you stay by our side. Can the wounded war animals of Ukraine count on you today? We dearly hope so.

For the animals,


Brian and Gloria Davies (and Max and Flora!)
Network for Animals

P.S. In Kupiansk, our team rescued other animals besides Kupidon, including a mother cat nursing her three kittens. How many nursing mothers and their helpless babies are waiting for a lifeline? Your donation right now is the only hope they have - so please, if you possibly can, donate now.

Banner image credit: Vetmarket Pluriton

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