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On Bodmin Moor in England, three rescued donkeys are in desperate need of our immediate help. Destined to die of starvation, or WORSE – be slaughtered and chopped up for their meat.

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The story of Luna, Mabel and Poncho is so sad... 

Because of their owner’s sudden illness, these gentle souls were left vulnerable, suffering and hungry. 

The three donkeys were at grave risk of either starving or being butchered and sold for their meat to feed zoo animals

Tragically, one of the donkeys, Poncho, bears physical scars – his voice box is smashed and permanently damaged. HUGS doesn’t know how Poncho came to be injured, but what they do know is that he will never bray again and needs meticulous monitoring at the sanctuary to ensure his well-being.

Our partner, the Hugs Foundation (HUGS), raced to the donkeys’ rescue and provided a haven for them at its Bodmin sanctuary. The donkeys now need the support of animal lovers like you to ensure their long-term care.

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What the inside of equine slaughterhouses can look like. Image for illustrative purposes only. Credit: Sky News

We MUST give three traumatized donkeys a second chance at life! Please, will you help?

HUGS is a haven for 45 horses, ponies and donkeys rescued from terrible abuse and neglect. Despite extremely limited resources, they NEVER turn away a single equine in need. Yet the economic situation in the United Kingdom is so bad that many people are struggling financially and more and more animals are being abandoned. 

It is our hope that the three rescued donkeys will eventually find loving forever homes. But right now, they need specialized nutrition, expert medical care and comfortable stabling. Donkeys are extremely sensitive creatures — it is critical that they receive the correct nourishment and care.

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HUGS is a haven for 45 horses, ponies and donkeys rescued from terrible abuse and neglect. Credit: HUGS

It costs around $500 (£400) to care for one rescued donkey at HUGS each month. Your donation will help cover the cost of specialized nutrition, medical treatment and stabling for Luna, Mabel and Poncho.

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These three rescued donkeys are SO deserving of peaceful, loving lives after all the hardship and trauma they have endured. So please, if you possibly can, extend your compassion to Luna, Mabel and Poncho by donating right now.

For the animals,

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P.S. With our help, HUGS cares for some 45 horses, ponies and donkeys at its sanctuary. Luna, Mabel and Poncho are the latest in a long line of gentle and sweet-natured creatures saved from the most horrific circumstances. Together, we can give them a second chance at a happy life filled with all the love they deserve. Please donate today.

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