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I am writing to tell you about the disaster that befell eight wild pony foals, separated from their mothers in the middle of winter on Bodmin Moor in England. Alone on the windswept, desolate moor, these eight ponies seemed to have only one future - to be shot and chopped up for meat.


That’s when our partner, the Hugs Foundation (HUGS), came to the rescue, saving all eight from immediate execution and providing a haven for them at its Bodmin sanctuary. The oldest foal is just seven months old - the youngest, just four months - and very tiny. All eight are terrified of humans and need specialist care.

Now, together, we are trying to ensure the foals survive and thrive.
Please, will you help?

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Separated from their mothers during a traumatizing round-up in which some wild ponies are sold and others returned to the wild, these confused, terrified and disorientated foals had zero chance of survival. We stepped in.

How does a tragedy like this happen?


Once a year, wild ponies are herded together in round-ups - called ‘drifts’ in England. Some are sold, and others return to a wild existence on the moors. In the panic of the drifts, it is inevitable that some of the foals get separated from their mothers, and abandoned. They have no hope alone because they are just too young to survive without their mothers - some are still nursing. The ‘solution’ is to shoot them for meat - sometimes to feed zoo animals.

HUGS, a sanctuary for 35 ponies and horses, is a deeply caring organization, and there was no possibility it would leave these abandoned and vulnerable pony foals to a horrible death. Bodmin ponies are lovely animals: HUGS often takes these gentle animals to retirement communities to cheer up old and frail people, or to give love to special-needs children. Maybe one day, some of the eight will join this wonderful animal team, but that is a long way in the future.


Help us to take action by donating today!

Donate today

The foals will live at HUGS and hopefully, eventually, find loving homes. But right now, they need specialized nourishment, medical care and stabling. Because they were unable to get the nutrients they needed from their mothers, their immune systems are compromised, and they are on a special diet. This is presenting a worrying challenge because food costs are soaring. HUGS is always stretched financially, but right now, things are especially bad.


Credit: HUGS Foundation

HUGS has been hard hit because of a dip in donations during these times of economic turbulence. Because they knew it would be costly, HUGS demonstrated remarkable courage when stepping up to save the eight ponies. They put animal lives first, refusing to allow them to be handed a death sentence. This is an act of kindness that exemplifies the selfless and compassionate values animal lovers like you stand for, and so we promised to ask our supporters to help provide the medical care and nutrition the ponies need. HUGS turned to us and we have turned to animal lovers like you, hoping you will display the generosity and kindness Network for Animals supporters are renowned for.

All eight foals are still in isolation, their blood has been tested for infectious diseases and they are being gently introduced to being handled. In short, the ponies have taken their first steps on the road to recovery and if we can raise $5,000 (£4,100), it will be a tremendous help towards getting them well.

The funds will go towards them being microchipped, fully vaccinated and wormed. The colts will be castrated, and once fully back to health and confident with people, they will be able to find forever homes. They are going to make lovely companions or children’s ponies.


Help us to take action by donating today!

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These eight ponies have suffered terrible trauma in their young lives, separated from their mothers, cold, frightened and targeted by killers preparing to put a bullet in their brains for the tiny amount of meat their bodies would provide.

With your help right now, we can make them happy and give them lives where they will be loved and perhaps help children and adults with special needs.


Credit: HUGS Foundation

Help us to take action by donating today!

Donate today

Your donation will help make the world a better place, one where love and kindness replace a bullet in the head for the crime of being weak and vulnerable. Small or large, your donation will go a long way - so please donate right now, generously if you possibly can.

For the animals,


Gloria Davies (and Max and Flora!)
Network for Animals


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