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As coronavirus races around the world with heartbreaking and deadly speed…

…stray and unwanted animals are under immense threat!

We need your help today!

The threat is already a crisis at NFA’s partner sanctuary in remote, Kanchanaburi, Thailand. They do life-saving work for dogs and cats they rescue from the streets. Your past generosity has enabled us to support them.

Coronavirus quarantines have made it all but impossible for volunteers to reach the sanctuary, and our two-man team is struggling to care for the animals and find them food when everything is locked down and prices rocketing.

The sanctuary manager and an assistant are working around-the-clock to care for the 40 dogs and cats who live there. Student vets have left because of the virus and the closest clinic is an arduous four-hour drive away. The bare-bones crew of two are doing their best to feed and provide medical care by themselves.

And every day, they face the terrible challenge of getting enough dog food, knowing if they don’t they would have no choice but to return the dogs and cats to the streets to fend for themselves. That would be a death sentence.

Coronavirus is threatening the very heart of the Thai Animal Sanctuary!

Dogs and cats face starvation and there are no vets to treat them when they get sick.

We must not let this happen! Every life matters! ANY donation you can send today will go such a long way to help them weather this tragic storm.

The future of a beautiful, loving dog called Shiny is at immediate risk. She’s so typical of the sanctuary’s rescue stories…

This gorgeous girl was found alone wandering on a street.

She’d been so neglected there was a maggot eating through her little head!


Sadly, Shiny’s legal “owners” demanded her return. Even so, the sanctuary staff continued to do all they could - providing medication and check-ins to treat her. Shiny was on the mend and the “owners” seemed appreciative. For a while, all was quiet...

Then just before the virus hit, a dedicated volunteer brought a street dog in.

It was poor Shiny!

Staff rushed to the home of her owners to let them know Shiny would NEVER be allowed back, only to find her “family” had up and moved. Shiny had been abandoned (again) to the streets.

Now safe at the sanctuary, this soft-eyed soul has JUST started back down the road to recovery. And she does the sweetest thing.

If you go to her protected little pen at the sanctuary, she runs to find a gift for you. A rock... a leaf... or one of her treasured toys. It melts your heart knowing all she’s been through.


Please, we know this is a difficult time. But Shiny is such a good, good girl. We have to help. Donate to help Shiny and her friends today if you can. Donate to help feed and provide medical care to all the dogs and cats at the sanctuary, and to enable them to provide safe haven to other street dogs who have no hope.

If staff must travel hours to source food and medicine, so be it. It will be more expensive than during “normal” times but with your support today they will do what they must for Shiny and every dog and cat in their care. Together with your love and generosity beside us, even during the heartbreak of the coronavirus, we can – we must - still be there for the animals.

Please keep as safe as you and your animal friends possibly can. You are the heart of our NFA family, and we need you. Thank you so much for any help you can give!

For the animals,


Brian and Gloria Davies (and Max and Flora!)
Founders Network for Animals

P.S. Please, be as generous as you are able to today so we can help the Thai Animal Sanctuary provide food and medicine for Shiny and all the dogs and cats, and get them through the coronavirus crisis - and out the other side of this pandemic, stronger than ever. Thank you so much again, and stay safe!

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