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We are full of outrage as we tell you about four young puppies callously thrown from the back of a track and left to die. How can people be so heartlessly cruel?

It happened on New Year’s Eve, outside the gates of the APA El Refugio animal shelter that Network for Animals supports in Uruguay. In full view of a security camera, (please, watch the video!) a woman standing in the back of a flat-bed truck dumped the puppies, recorded casually throwing the last one away as the truck sped away.


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APA volunteers immediately went to the rescue. They managed to save two of the babies, but two were already dead. The survivors were rushed to intensive care and given the best possible medical treatment.

The police did nothing, even though the truck license plate was clearly visible!

APA’s Patricia and her colleagues filed a charge of animal cruelty with police; incredibly, despite the truck license plate being clearly visible, still no action has been taken against the sadists who did this.

What we must tell you now saddens our hearts - APA El Refugio fought for two days to save the injured puppies, but they failed. The wounds the poor things received were just too severe.


Help us to take action by donating today!

Donate today

Such callous abandonment is not uncommon. We can’t bring back the dead puppies, but we can honor their memory and help other poor, innocent creatures.

There are eight other puppies at the shelter, all abandoned, each one needing help for food and medical care.

APA El Refugio does wonderful work in Montevideo. It is the only licensed animal shelter in the entire city of 1.3-million people! Animals that APA can’t rescue have virtually no protection from authorities and get no support from local or national government. APA El Refugio can only survive to help the city's street dogs because of animal lovers like you who donate so the work can continue.

APA has a special place in our hearts because they are almost the only people trying to help an entire city’s street dogs. Without them, the eight pups needing care, and all the other dogs who live there, would be dead. It's that stark.


Help us to take action by donating today!

Donate today

Thanks to your support, we have been helping finance APA El Refugio for four years. It's only because of people like you that this work continues. Please donate generously today so that sick puppies will get a chance of a happy life.

We can’t fathom the kind of mentality that allows throwing tiny, innocent puppies from a moving truck, but we can do something about it. Your donation will go to not only feed the eight puppies who so desperately need your help now but all the other dogs (and cats) that APA looks after. Some 360 dogs and 40 cats at the last count - that’s a lot of dog and cat food needed.

Please if you possibly can, be generous today and donate to Network for Animals. The animals of Montevideo, in fact animals around the world, will thank you for it.

For the animals,


Brian and Gloria Davies (and Max and Flora!)
Network for Animals

P.S. One of the most troubling things about the situation in Montevideo is that puppies being abandoned outside the gates of the APA shelter is not unusual - it happens several times a year. Often, by the time the staff get there, the puppies are in terrible condition and near death. If it were not for the help, we and other animal lovers like you provide, many more dogs would die. Please spare a thought for innocent puppies and make a generous donation today.

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