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We have told you before about our fight to stop 50 donkeys being slaughtered.

This is an important and urgent UPDATE! We’ve managed to save 28. But 22 are still in peril.

We CAN’T LET THEM DIE! Please, please will you help us save them?

The 50 donkeys who live in South Africa, were saved from the Chinese-led donkey genocide that is sweeping Africa. Jonno Sherwin, a kind-hearted South African outbid a Chinese syndicate that wanted to illegally slaughter the donkeys and send their skins to China to be boiled down for use in phony medicine.

Now, we are in a race against the clock! Jonno doesn’t have the money to feed and care for them so we have to find new, safe homes for them. Thanks to the support of people like you, 28 donkeys have found new forever homes! We saved all 50 of the donkeys from being skinned alive.

We have helped more than half of them find homes. We can’t let the remaining 22 be led to their death now!

Donkeys are being wiped out in Africa by insatiable demand for their skins. African people use donkeys as transport in tasks such as water carrying. Uneducated rural people are easily persuaded to sell their animals by Chinese buyers who offer hard cash. They don’t realize that in Africa, donkeys are worth more alive than dead because in places of poor roads and poverty, donkeys offer tremendous support to local communities.

If people won’t sell their donkeys, the Chinese arrange for them to be stolen. Then the poor creatures are led into the bush where men, often drunk, wait to slaughter them. First, they are clubbed and when they fall to the ground, they are skinned alive. Yes, that’s the level of barbarism we are dealing with here.

The DOOMSDAY CLOCK is still ticking… …for 22 gentle donkeys who could have ended up skinned alive without our help!

We are fighting for the doomed donkeys and are desperately trying to raise the funds to keep them fed, housed and alive until loving homes can be found for them. We really, really need your help to do so. Please, if you possibly can, give generously to Network for Animals today.

For the animals,


Brian and Gloria Davies (and Max and Flora!)
Founder and CEO

P.S. We are working round the clock to find the money we need to keep the last 22 alive. Please, help us by donating today.

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