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In case you missed it, watch NFA 2021 Achievements Part 1 here.

The holidays are upon us, and what a year it’s been!

The triumphs... there were so many. Please read on…

The tragedies… the abuse… the suffering. Sadly, cruelty to animals is an everyday occurrence. But facing the unspeakable head-on, rescuing and caring for animals is our mission, 24 hours a day, every day. Your compassion and generosity helped save countless animals this year.

From ALL of us in your Network for Animals family: thank you, thank you!

THANK YOU for your heart, your courage and your amazing support that helped save animals in desperate need around the world during 2021.


You are a true light of hope against the long night of animal cruelty and injustice. Time and again, you put your trust in NFA to ALWAYS put animals first. And we ALWAYS do! We ALWAYS will.

Your faith and trust - your dedication to animals in need - is the reason why we MUST tell you: in these last days of 2021, animals are still suffering out there.

Still waiting… still hoping…

The bad guys... the ones who abuse innocent creatures for profit or because of cold indifference, from grim dog and cat meat markets to horse fighting syndicates... will NOT take the holidays off!

Before we look back on the victories you made possible for animals in 2021 -
PLEASE, rush one last generous donation now or by midnight on December 31st for ALL the waiting animals who still URGENTLY need your help and your love!

Help us to take action by donating today!

Donate today

We are their last and best hope, together. None of what we do for animals would be possible without friends who care like you.

As you read these words, a brutally abused donkey named Althea is recovering from intentionally inflicted wounds so severe, her story still leaves us in tears.

Without support from NFA, and without your support, she’d be dead - and today, Althea still needs constant care.

The gentle little donkey was hacked with an axe then left to be devoured by dogs. Her body was covered in vicious puncture wounds from the dogs, while the sadistic axe blows left a literal HOLE in Althea’s head!

Help us to take action by donating today!

Donate today

Finally, someone notified our hard-working partner, the Matabeleland Animal Rescue & Equine Sanctuary (MARES) in Zimbabwe, where they’re doing a hero’s work for animals.

MARES found Althea dying in a field, a crumpled heap of dried blood and senseless horror. But Althea was not done fighting.

Two days later, she tried to open her eyes and flick her tail! Like us, we know you’d want nothing more than to see Althea pull through.

…just like you did after the historic floods in Australia’s New South Wales this past March, when your support enabled us to rush funds to local organizations, saving everything from beloved family dogs and cats to wounded wallabies.

…or like you’ve done to save lives at a moment’s notice after wildfires raged across Turkey... Greece... and the western US... stranding and scorching every animal in their path.

…or like your amazing support facilitated our emergency efforts to help dogs and cats caught up in the chaos of the Taliban upheaval in Afghanistan!


…AND like you are STILL making possible in places like at the remote Sangkhlaburi Animal Sanctuary in Thailand, and in Mexico, where COVID-19 is threatening the COLLAPSE of a vital spay and neuter program that would leave thousands of forgotten street dogs and cats in a heartbreaking cycle of disturbing abuse and overpopulation.  

Without you today and in 2022, the next friend we find - like Pawcasso - might not get his second chance. 

He’s the poor pup whose fur was eaten away from skin disease, only to be left to roast to death in the scalding South African sun. 

But your generous support for costly long-term treatment SAVED Pawcasso. There are so many other suffering animals like him, waiting and waiting, hoping and hoping for a life-saving friend.

The truth is poor creatures like Pawcasso often have no one but us. And we don’t have a prayer of helping them without you!


You will put boots on the ground for abused and neglected animals in remote places that larger groups tend not to prioritize. You WILL SAVE LIVES. This is an ABSOLUTE FACT!

The need and the abuse we see are often orders of magnitude more heartbreaking in impoverished and sometimes deadly dangerous areas - where other groups often do not become involved. WE DO! Our teams put their lives on the line!


But without resources, our life-saving work will come to a halt. You have stood by the animals, and by our teams in the field, through thick and thin this year, and we are so grateful.

For the animals,


Brian and Gloria Davies (and Max and Flora!)
Network for Animals

P.S. If ever you doubt how URGENT your special year-end donation is to a waiting animal, remember the story of Yupi. In the final moments of last year, poor Yupi the little ginger cat was found dying in a Manila gutter in the Philippines - neglected, forgotten and alone - until your love and kindness saved her. One tiny kitten’s life might not mean the whole world to some people, but it does for us - and for you too. And to that tiny kitten called Yupi, who got her second chance this time last year, your generous support meant her whole world. Please, donate today.

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