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Imagine being rescued from a life of misery and suffering, making a new home amongst fellow dogs and cats, only to have all that love, comfort, and care stripped away in a heartbeat.

Image1_credit_NFA_Luke Barritt

Credit: NFA/Luke Barritt

This is the reality facing 400 dogs and 100 cats at the Cactus Foundation, the largest shelter in Zambia, which is facing imminent closure due to lack of funds. 

The shelter works tirelessly to rescue animals in distress, even saving dogs from the country’s brutal dog meat trade. As such, it is inundated with animals in distress, requiring more and more space to provide the animals with a safe, secure sanctuary in which they can thrive. But with limited funds, the shelter is forced to rent a dilapidated, run-down building that is woefully inadequate as a home for their 500 dogs and cats – and we need your help to build their animals a safe, secure home. 

Image2_credit_NFA_Luke Barritt

Credit: NFA/Luke Barritt

While caring for 500 animals, the shelter operates on a shoestring budget, barely covering operating costs. But as the numbers of animals in need has  grown, so too have expenses. Over the years, the shelter has expanded to accommodate ever-increasing number of animals they provide a home for, using scavenged wood and poor-quality building materials to keep the costs within their meager budget. 

Despite all the challenges not a single animal is allowed to be sick or hungry. But with funds constantly funneled into maintenance and repairs, it’s getting harder and harder to ensure that every need is met.

Image3_credit_NFA_Michelle Mohr

Credit: NFA/Michelle Mohr

Now, they face two serious problems that threaten to undo this impressive track record: the near depletion of their funds and a crumbling shelter.

Luckily for the animals, the solution is clear: If we can raise $10,000 (£8,000) to rebuild the shelter, we can give all 500 animals a safe, comfortable space to live.

Image4_credit_NFA_Luke Barritt

Credit: NFA/Luke Barritt

But we can’t do it alone. We need YOUR help.

The more aggressive, formerly abused dogs at the shelter easily chew through the cheap chipboard used to separate the kennels, risking fights with other animals. Not only does this risk the health and well-being of all their animals, but it also puts an unnecessary strain on its medical bills, further exacerbating its financial peril

In wet weather, water sluices through massive gaps in the ceiling, flowing off the simple tin roofs that protect the dogs from being drenched. They deserve better.

With just $10,000 (£8,000), we can buy some time to prevent the closure, upgrade, and repair the shelter with better materials, ensuring safety and better living conditions. This also frees up day-to-day funds for essential supplies like food and medicine while we work on long-term solutions.

Image5_credit_NFA_Luke Barritt

Credit: NFA/Luke Barritt

After the pain and misery these animals suffered before they were rescued, we believe they deserve the best – and we will NOT let the shelter close its doors.

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P.S. As the largest animal shelter in the country, the animals of Zambia can’t afford for our partner to close its doors. Please donate as much as you can today to help us build a new home for these precious animals!

Banner credit: NFA/Luke Barritt

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