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Tristan suffered immensely without deserving an iota of the cruelty he endured. We helped, but he is just one example of terribly abused dogs who need your help in the African nation of Zimbabwe.

Critically injured and dumped on a rubbish dump to die, his future looked to be an agonizing death. Fractured bone was jutting through his wounded leg, and his skin was being eaten away by disease.

Fortunately for Tristan - one of Zimbabwe’s countless unwanted animals - there was a lifeline: the help that our supporters provide to our partner, the Friend Animal Foundation (FAF) in Harare, which your support saved from closure in 2021.


Credit: FAF

Saving Tristan and others like him requires dedication and continued support. Since we helped FAF back on its feet, more and more injured, sick, hungry and abused dogs and cats have been finding their way to the shelter in desperate need of help.


One consequence is that the animals urgently need a veterinary clinic. With almost 500 dogs and around 120 cats permanently in their care, and more being brought in for emergency treatment every month, a clinic is critical for the animals.

Help us to take action by donating today!

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The dogs and cats we are fighting to save have known the very worst of human cruelty and indifference. We have a chance to change their lives with a veterinary clinic.


Help us to take action by donating today!

Donate today

FAF reached out to us in crisis: they have almost completely run out of funds to treat all the animals who need their help.

We have an effective, long-term solution to help the animals, and with your help right now, we can make it happen: a fully equipped on-site veterinary clinic. With an on-site clinic, we can:

  • Help save precious funds because animals will not have to be taken to expensive private veterinarians.
  • Treat street animals
  • Offer veterinary services to locally owned pets, thereby generating additional income for the shelter, and helping to offset the costs of caring for over 600 permanent animal residents.

We are forced to outsource veterinary care, which is fast becoming financially unviable.

Credit: NFA/Taryn Slabbert

Our goal is to help our partners become self-sustaining organizations so they can offer the maximum amount of support to the animals. With your support right now, that is exactly what we can achieve in Harare.

Help us to take action by donating today!

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Sick, injured or unwanted animals are euthanized by the state in Zimbabwe because it does not care for the country’s street animals. Animal lovers like you are their ONLY hope.

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Death on a rubbish dump or being killed at the state facility could have been Tristan’s fate. Many people saw him suffering, but not ONE stopped to help him.

Credit: NFA/Taryn Slabbert

Miraculously, after a leg amputation, emergency surgery to his gut and a course of antibiotics, Tristan pulled through. But the cost of this treatment at a private veterinarian was high, and he is just one of so many innocent souls in need of help. Unless we can provide a clinic, countless dogs will be killed by an uncaring government because of the crippling cost of private vet care.


We really need your help right now because without it, the animals face a grim reality: being turned away when they are in the most desperate need of help.

Help us to take action by donating today!

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If we can raise $25,000 (roughly £19,165), we can begin phase one of construction of our on-site veterinary clinic.


We have veterinary staff for the project and an area demarcated for the clinic. Now, all they need is our help to raise funds to construct and equip it.

We CANNOT help its animals without your support today.

Help us to take action by donating today!

Donate today

If you can donate today, we will make this clinic dream come true for all the animals who need it so desperately. YOU, right now, have the power to help make it happen, with every dollar, pound or euro you donate.

For the animals,


Gloria Davies (and Max and Flora!)
Founder and CEO
Network for Animals

P.S. Imagine the impact it would have on the desperate animals of Harare to have their very own vet clinic? It would transform their lives. With your generous donation right now, we can make the vet clinic a reality. Please, donate generously right now.

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