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A few days ago, a tiny, starving kitten was caught in an illegal snare in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. Now named Princess, this little flea-infested animal was likely scrounging for scraps to fill her empty belly when tragedy struck.

From the shocking injuries to her neck, it is clear Princess must have fought desperately to free herself - but to no avail. The wire tore into her flesh as she thrashed around, in terror, for hours or perhaps days. The trap left a raw, gaping wound where skin and fur should have been.

She must have been petrified - and in excruciating pain.


Image credit: MARES

Besides Princess’ terrible neck wound, vets also found that she had a broken tail and was being eaten alive by hundreds of fleas. Can you imagine the agony and fear she must have been experiencing? And barely old enough to be away from her mother.

A passerby spotted seven-week-old Princess and rushed her to our partner, MARES, for life-saving care. Please help us save this little kitten’s life!

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Princess’ wounds were immediately treated, and she was fed and given a warm, fluffy blanket to sleep in. She is in a truly wretched state, but we have faith that with your support, we can save the life of this little fighter. Once she heals, she will be found a wonderful forever home carefully vetted by MARES.

Little Princess faces a long, painful road to recovery - but with your support right now, we will ensure that she (and 23 other unwanted kittens and cats) can continue to receive life-saving treatment, food and shelter.

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In dirt-poor Zimbabwe, people set traps to catch small wild animals to eat. Unsuspecting street cats get caught in these snares, and if they are not found in time, they suffer a slow and agonizing death.

Our long-standing partner MARES (Matabeleland Animal Rescue and Equine Sanctuary) is the only animal shelter in Bulawayo helping kittens and cats. The local domestic animal shelter does not care about felines at all - they callously euthanize them as soon as they are brought in - so MARES has stepped in to help.

Just last week, during an NFA visit, the shelter officially opened the MARES Community Cats (MCC) sanctuary alongside their established equine sanctuary.

And then there’s poor Sheba…


Image credit: MARES

Already, MCC is inundated with four-legged felines desperately clinging to life. Kittens like Princess - who faces a lengthy and difficult recovery - and Sheba, a street cat found with such terrible wounds that she was unable to walk. While MARES conducted a trap-neuter-release program not too far from their shelter, Sheba used every last ounce of energy to drag herself out of a ditch, her lame back legs dragging behind her, and managed to get the attention of the MARES team.

Fortunately, Sheba is not permanently paralyzed - “just” severely injured. Her wounded legs and paws are infested with maggots. Sheba, too, is currently receiving critical care from the dedicated MARES team.


Sheba, a street cat rescued by MARES with severe injuries, is currently receiving treatment and care at the MCC sanctuary. Image credit: MARES

Please donate now and give renewed hope to cats living dismal lives in Zimbabwe.

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MARES works in extremely challenging conditions to save every little life they can. They work for days on end without electricity in impoverished Zimbabwe, treating animals like Princess and Sheba by torchlight. They are desperate for funds - but no matter how stretched they are, they NEVER turn an animal away.


The newly opened MARES Community Cats (MCC) sanctuary is already inundated with cats needing shelter and care.

We are proud to partner with MARES and have supported their work since 2018. Now, we urgently need you to open your hearts to the kittens and cats who are in the care of this wonderful team.

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Gloria Davies (and Max and Flora!)
Network for Animals


P.S: Kittens weighing less than a bar of chocolate are routinely abandoned at MARES in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe - like the day-old kitten whose umbilical cord was still attached (left, with foster mommy). We are committed to fighting for every animal life - as we know you are. Please help us do everything in our power to save these precious little lives by donating now.

Banner credit: MARES

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