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July 5th, McArthur Highway, Philippines, 3.30am: A Network For Animals anti dog-meat trader team seize the carcasses of 68 dogs from the back of a rental van.

Hours prior, our team began monitoring activities at a suspected dog slaughterhouse in the Philippines Laguna province. Little initially seemed unusual about the building, until a van quietly left in the dead of night. Suspicious at such late movement, our team followed the van until the destination became clear: Baguio City - the hotspot of Philippines dog meat consumption. They managed to force the vehicle to stop on the darkness of the McArthur Highway.

What they discovered in the van was truly horrifying: The butchered carcasses of 68 dogs, partially wrapped in canvas, and partially stuffed into an ice box. You can follow this link to see disturbing photographs taken the next day, but please take caution: They are shocking.

The driver and his accomplice fled into the night, though the Network For Animals team were able to identify them. The pair have been reported to the police, and we are pressing for their arrest.

We need your support to keep the pressure on dog meat traders. Please help our campaign to end the dog meat trade by:

1. Learning about it in our Campaigns area.

2. Filling in our petition, targeting the Philippines tourism industry.

3. Making a donation to support our vital work.


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