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640 dogs in a Serbian animal shelter face death because city officials are trying to shut it down after criminal charges of animal abuse were laid against them.

Sasha’s Shelter, in the southern town of Niš, is an extraordinary place of love where friendly dogs run free under the eyes of a loving team who care for them and provide veterinary assistance and food.

Dog lover, Sasha Pasic, rescued many of the dogs from the municipal animal pound, which has been accused of severely neglecting the dogs it is supposed to care for.

Dogs like Klara who was near death when Sasha spotted her locked in a cage on New Year’s Eve with no food and the staff on holiday for ten days. Sasha rescued Klara as well as other dogs he found there and laid criminal charges against the local authorities for animal cruelty.

Aldi was extremely malnourished, but you can see below how he has been brought back to health by Sasha's Shelter. We simply can't let abuse like this continue.


The response has been to stall the case and evict Sasha. The dogs have nowhere to go and unless Sasha gets help, all 640 dogs face death. The dogs’ best hope is Serbian president, Tomislav Nikolić; he has the power to step in and save them. If enough people write to him Sasha says the president will act.

Please help us save the 640 loving dogs by signing our petition and making a generous donation. Every penny that Sasha gets goes to food, medical care and into a fund for his dream shelter. Because Serbia is not part of the European Union, adoptions are difficult and so Sasha’s Shelter is the best hope these dogs have. Watch our video to see how much love there is in Niš and please give generously.


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