Burnt-dog-in-Greek-forest-fire.jpg Burnt-dog-in-Greek-forest-fire.jpg

I have told you many times before of the terrible situation street dogs face in Greece.  Network for Animals is doing everything we can to help.

No words can better convey why your support is so urgently needed... than this haunting photograph.

This poor dog was caught in wild fires that swept through the Attica region of Greece last week.

Sadly, even though I immediately sent my team to the area, we were unable to find him. Noble volunteers plunged into the furnace and managed to help dozens of other dogs and I will do my very best to increase my help to dogs in distress in Greece.

I can only do this with your support.

As I write this, high winds threaten new fires and my team is on standby to rush assistance should the worst happen.

Please, if you can, please help me by making a donation today. Our help is so desperately needed.



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