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In 2013, Network for Animals' Brian and Gloria Davies visited Greece to discuss animal welfare concerns and get a first hand view of the well reported Greek economic situation.

As part of the visit, they travelled to a rescue sanctuary called ARK, located on the island of Kefalonia. Here a woman and her community have rescued and are housing 300 dogs and 30 cats. Their devotion, compassion and drive are stunning: Traits that our network of animal lovers share.

The sanctuary is fairly primitive and built on land gifted by the local government. There are quite large wired enclosures with internal covered shelters and volunteers including many Brits assist regularly. The animals give every indication of being well cared for, and veterinary care is a weekly happening.

As you'll see below, when Brian entered the enclosure, he was overwhelmed by ecstatic dogs! Two brown and white puppies (identical twins) in particular showered him with affection, and he couldn't resist: They are now in the UK, in a safe, permanent home.

In summer, tourists from all over Europe, but especially from the UK visit the sanctuary and provide enough funding for operations for half the year. With the end of the tourist season, the income drops sharply, and the sanctuary and animals need help.

On behalf of the supporters of Network for Animals, Brian and Gloria Davies have donated £2,000 to ARK. Together, our network has given a glimmer of hope to the animals of a country in crisis.

We encourage you to visit to learn more about this important project, and consider how you might pay them a visit and take part in the project yourself.

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