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Pictured above are Mandy Store and Dr. Jen Stark at the TEARS animal rescue society, with some of the sterilisation and surgical equipment recently donated by Network for Animals.

Network for Animals began collaborating with TEARS in 2015 as part of our Dogs In Distress programme, in a drive to give the hundreds of dogs in the poverty-stricken area of Vrygrond a happier, healthier life.

Above: Network for Animals founders Brian and Gloria Davies visited TEARS to see for themselves the marvellous work Mandy Store and team do.

TEARS, does vital work and its dedicated volunteers work tirelessly to improve the lives of dogs in impoverished areas of South Africa. Financial stability is vital for TEARS, so when Network For Animals heard about the wonderful work they do, we were glad to offer our support.

Above: Children in Vrygrond, South Africa are too poor to have many toys and so they love dogs very much indeed.

Network for Animals committed in 2015 to help TEARS ensure all the dogs in the terribly poor area of Vrygrond were spayed or neutered, treated for disease and monitored on a weekly basis, for eighteen months.

Exceptional progress has been made, and Network for Animals is now supporting the work TEARS does in Masiphumelele, another desperately poor area.

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