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When we were alerted about a dog who had been found hanging from a bridge in Cape Town, South Africa, who desperately needed medical care, we knew we had to help!

Little Stella’s family decided that they no longer wanted her and did something despicable – they tied two ropes around the little dog’s neck and hung her from a bridge.

Only moments away from death, Stella was rescued by a group of animal lovers, including Cheryl Lyn of Cheryl Lyn’s Rescue Organization, who rushed her to a vet, after two young children witnessed the commotion and called for help.

It's was estimated that Stella had been hung for around 10 minutes before she was rescued. The lack of oxygen appears to have caused a small amount of brain damage and has affected her memory function.

Left: Stella after she was rescued, right: Stella recovering from the trauma

Thanks to our generous supporters, Network for Animals was able to contribute towards Stella’s recovery. We are happy to report that with patience, love, and care, Stella has made a miraculous recovery and is being taken care of by Cheryl Lyn herself.

Stella is slowly beginning to trust humans again. Cheryl Lyn says that Stella is a gentle dog who loves attention and playtime. She has even begun to wag her tail again, especially for her favorite treat – chicken! Because of the trauma, she’s still wary of new people, and there are moments when she doesn’t remember who Cheryl Lyn is, but after a few minutes of sniffing her face and hands, she begins to recognize her and be at ease.

We were only able to help Stella because of the loyalty and generosity of our supporters – without it, we would never be able to do the work we do. Please, continue to donate so we can keep helping animals in need, not only in South Africa but all over the world.

Stella with her rescuer, Cheryl Lyn

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